Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: 9 Married At First Sight secrets we learnt from hanging with the cast

Here's some extra goss we've discovered from getting to know all the couples!

By Joshua Fox

1) Dean's planning a charity single

"I've been rapping my whole life," Dean Wells told NW at Channel 9's NRL launch on February 28.
"If I was to release something I'd have to get Tracey involved."
As we pushed for some more goss on what they're planning – Deano agreed a charity single would be something he'd pursue.
We're sure the record deals are already rolling in!
However, we're not so sure Trace will be on board after the reunion eps.
Visionz is coming to take over the charts.

2) Alycia is ALWAYS crying

Alycia Galbraith really is as sweet as she seemed on the show - but also as fragile!
After breaking down during our bikini photo shoot due to her body insecurities, prompting Davina Rankin to reassure her saying, "you've come so far," it wasn't long until we seen the bubbly bride bawling again.
Alycia broke down once more at the NRL launch on February 28 after a sneaky reporter from another publication tricked her into an off-record interview.
Fun fact: she's also scared of balloons and allergic to papaw!
The bubbly bride is always bawling.

3) Ten minutes in a toilet with Troy

When NW suggested Troy Delmege films himself giving us a teeth brushing tutorial for a bit of fun during our sexy shoot with him and Ashley Irvin – we weren't quite expecting him to go for ten whole minutes.
NW's camera man's arm was aching holding the camera, tooth paste was foaming onto the floor and everyone else was wondering why two blokes had just spent so long in the bathroom together.

4) Davina is exactly how she seems

She claimed the show portrayed her unfairly throughout the infamous "affair" before turning her attention to several anti-bullying campaigns for some much needed damage control – but viewers once again saw her true colours during the dinner party reunion.
NW witnessed Davvy true to form on one of our photo shoots.
"Oh my god why do you have that phone?" she called out to one NW reporter after witnessing their battered iPhone 6.
"It's so old… you should get an iPhone X."

5) The girls love a freebie

Most of the girls have developed a reality star wardrobe to go with their reality show status… After a lot of hard work!
"A group of the girls would spend time contacting boutiques throughout filming to get freebies by promising the brands they're going to be famous soon," an on set source tells us.
And it's not just the ladies, with Telv Williams recently accepting an offer for some male Botox and dental work.

6) Justin is suuuuper jealous

While NW was hanging with Troy ahead of another interview, conversation quickly turned to Justin Fischer.
"He keeps asking us all how we have so many more Instagram followers than he does," Troy joked.
"We went to the casino and he was getting really jealous that everyone only wanted pictures with me and didn't realise he was on the show too."

7) Nasser’s (edited out) speech caused a stir

Amongst all the fights and falling out at the reunion dinner party, Nasser Sultan's controversial speech didn't make the final cut... so we'll let you in on it!
"After saying some nice words to the group ahead of their meal, Nasser ended by turning to Sarah [Roza] and saying, 'Lastly, Sarah, we're all just wondering…. Do you actually own any t-shirts? We're sick of looking at them."
As laughter roared around the room, Sarah (and her busty display) didn't appreciate Telv joining in with the lols. "But it was funny," he exclaimed to his unamused wife.

8) Foxy Jo Jo is struggling to pay the bills

"Because I wasn't going to be home for a while my mother said her grandkids come first in her life and quit her job to look after them while I was away," single mum Jo McPharlin told us during an interview.
"We were all under the impression I'd be the whole experiment – not just a couple of weeks until someone does a runner. She sacrificed her job forever, she's 65 now and she couldn't get it back."
When asked if the family will survive financially, Jo responded, "I'm not quite sure."

9) The cast are mobbed everywhere

Even during our days off and out of the office, we couldn't escape MAFS mania!
As NW's writer Josh struggled to find his friends amongst the crowds at Bondi beach during a recent Sunday morning in the sun, he quickly spotted Nasser in the middle of the action and realised he's why a crowd had formed in the first place.
As Josh muscled his way through to say a quick hello, he ended up spending 30 minutes as Nass's official photographer ushering fans over one by one for a selfie.

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