Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Secret hook-ups you never knew about

There were more than you'd think!

We thought we'd seen it all with Sam and Ines and then with Jessika and Dan but it turns out there have been way more Married At First Sight secret hook-ups than we realised!
As the explosive season comes to a close, we look at all the other sneaky couple swaps that have gone on behind the scenes and some will shock you.
  • Scorned singles Tamara and Mick sent the romance rumour mill into overdrive when they flirted up a storm at her 30th birthday in Melbourne. But a set insider says that after the reunion dinner, it was Nic who left in a cab with Tamara, 30 – before returning to the same room!
  • Meanwhile, it turns out Tamara and Billy had a secret text-fling off camera! Once Susie and Billy were over, Susie told her pal Tamara that Billy liked her... and the pair exchanged messages for a number of weeks.
  • Sources claim Mike and Mark were the biggest Lotharios on MAFS, and would secretly flirt with the brides and make eyes with them during filming!
Mike and Mark were reportedly the biggest Lotharios on set! (Image: Channel Nine)
  • At one stage during filming, several sources claimed Jessika's brother Rhyce had a rendezvous with someone from the MAFS camp.
  • While Sam, 26, was preoccupied keeping his affair with Ines under wraps, not long after he left the show Woman's Day discovered he actually had a secret girlfriend on the outside all along.
  • Woman's Day discovered Bronson, 34, was also texting an ex throughout filming! A source claims he was telling her it was a mistake going on the show.
  • We're told Jess also made a move on Billy in the elevator! An insider says on his first night, she said, "Hey handsome, how you doing?" before stroking his arm suggestively.
WATCH: Jessika propositions Nic. Post continues...
  • Single again, Mick and Lauren were rumoured to be hooking up off-screen, but we're told he backed off after spending a night together as Lauren, 31, was coming on too strong for Mick, who was already rattled by the antics of Jess!
  • After Mike and Heidi called it a day, he swiftly moved on... to Casey Stewart, whose mum is the "World's Hottest Grandma".
  • They cried "poor me" when discovering their partners Sam and Ines had been having an affair, but apparently Lizzie and Bronson were aware of the indiscretions – and were asked to pretend they were none-the-wiser to keep up with plotlines.

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