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EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Sean Thomsen has written a tell-all book about the show and blocked ex Tracey Jewel

''My life is so much more drama-free now without her.''

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With season seven of Married At First Sight about to hit our TV screens, former groom Sean Thomsen has revealed that not only is he not on speaking terms with ex-girlfriend Tracey Jewel, but he's removed every skerrick of her from his life!
"I don't speak to Tracey – I've blocked her, I can't deal with her to be honest," Sean tells NW.
"My life is so much more drama-free now without her." Reow!
Sean's dishing the truth about his relationship with Tracey – as well as his time on the show – in his just-released memoir Married Lies…Secrets Behind Reality TV.
The tell-all exposes the lies, manipulation and bullying tactics used by producers to create the TV phenomenon.
Sounds like a juicy page-turner – but does Sean tell the truth about that gold jacket he wore to the reunion? Guess you'll have to read his book to find out or you can continue reading our exclusive chat we had with he former reality star!
The reality star says his life is a lot more drama-free now that they have gone their separate ways. (Instagram)
What made you decide to write a book about your experience on MAFS?
I thought it was about time someone actually spoke up about this. Just the treatment, I mean no one has ever spoken up just because of the fear and intimidation that they put onto you post-filming. That's where the idea came from.
What was the hardest part of being on a reality TV show like MAFS?
Having the expectations of getting treated a certain way. They can't really edit it badly if you go in there with the right intentions and then realising how manipulated and storyboarded the whole thing is.
WATCH BELOW: Sean tells Blair he's had hundreds of sexual partners on MAFS. Post continues after video...
Advice to the new contestants?
It's hard but I'd say stay off social media and stay true to your own beliefs and values that you've had before the show and what's made you who you are.
They tried to paint me as a womaniser. I don't know if you know many of the guys from that season but I'm pretty tame compared to some of the other guys.
What do you think of Dean Wells?
I think he's just full of s---. I can't relate to him, I think he had a pretty rough childhood so I think. So I think he may have had some deep-seated issues from that where he feels he has to lie and s--- all the time.
Sean spilled on his fellow contestants calling Dean is "full of s---" and remarking that Nasser has "completely lost the plot." (Nine/Instagram)
What do you think of Nasser Sultan?
I thought he was initially okay during filming but he's completely lost the plot.
He was hitting me up and saying, 'I hope you mention me in the book!' and I told him 'yeah I wrote a whole chapter on you'. Reality is I didn't even mention him in the book and now he's going around saying to everyone that he's in the book and that I wrote a chapter about him. Just told him I gave him a whole chapter and talk about how it's all about him and that he likes talking about himself.
Sean's tell-all exposes the lies, manipulation and bullying tactics used by producers to create the TV phenomenon. (Supplied)

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