Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Sarah Roza says her stalker wanted to eat her

The former MAFS star tells all about her traumatic ordeal.

By Emma Shepherd
Sarah Roza loves herself a good crime documentary, most recently binge-watching hayu's new series Mysteries & Scandals – The Price Of Fame.
But the former Married At First Sight bride never expected to be caught up in her own horror story.
Sitting down for an exclusive chat with NW, Sarah, 40, reveals for the first time that she was stalked by four strangers soon after she appeared on The Amazing Race in 2011.
To this day, she still has nightmares about the ordeal.
"It was before social media really exploded," Sarah tells us. "Obsessed fans had to work a lot harder to find you back then."
So what exactly went down? Read on!
WATCH BELOW: Sarah Roza discusses Married At First Sight 2019. Story continues after video.
NW: Hi, Sarah – thanks for sharing your story. How did it all start?
Sarah Roza: With letters. Some were posted, others were dropped into my mailbox – they knew where I lived. None of the letters were handwritten. They were all typed. They started getting more frequent and more graphic. Eventually I learnt that there were three men and one woman.
That's so scary! Did you call the cops?
Yes. The police asked me to hand over absolutely everything I had received. As well as the letters, there were flowers and chocolates. The police took all of it straight to a forensic lab and found fingerprints on a few of the letters.
Sarah admits the scariest stalker was the woman who wanted to cut her up in tiny pieces and eat her. (Image: Nine Network)
What sort of things were in the letters?
The men were just sexual and extremely graphic with what they wanted to do to me. But the woman got straight into the abuse.
What did she say?
Stuff like, "You're a fat pig. You're a b----." One of the common things she'd say was that I was a c---. She also told me, "I'm going to cut you up into little pieces and eat you!" She even described how she'd torture me. I was terrified of her the most.
Did you encounter them in real life?
I had one guy in my backyard, just staring at the house. I called the police, but by the time they arrived, he had gone. Another turned up at my door. It was around 12.30 in the morning and he asked me, "Do you have the time?" I knew he was one of the guys.
One of them knew where I was at all times. He knew the supermarket and Kmart I went to, when I was going to the shops and when I was at home. He would turn up and follow me like a puppy dog through the aisles. He was very dishevelled. I never knew if he was holding a knife and would try to stab me.
Sarah Roza rose to fame in 2018 when she starred on Married At First Sight. (Image: Nine Network)
How did it all get resolved?
I got a phone call from my publicist telling me, "We are moving you for your own safety. Grab a bag and your dog as we don't know how long you're going to be away – we just need to get you away from the house." So I was moved into the Crown Towers in Melbourne.
Did your family and friends know?
I wasn't allowed to tell anyone. I ended up living in the hotel for months and never returned home. I had to pack up and move. I got a PO Box and changed my number 22 times in two years.
Sarah Roza's was forced to pack up and move from her home and even changed her number 22 times in two years. (Image: Instagram @sarahjaneroza)

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