Married At First Sight

The REAL reason Sam left his bride on Married at First Sight

And it's incredibly heartbreaking!

By Anita Lyons
Before Monday's Married at First Sight episode aired, we were promised a RUN AWAY bride, which was bound to shake up the entire experiment.
Of course, we were filled with expectations that a bride or groom was going to put on their white joggers and jet pack out of there, but in reality, we were met with something far more heartbreaking.
It was the morning after their wedding, when Elizabeth Sobinoff's groom, Sam Ball, woke up to text messages from his ex-girlfriend.
The news was grim - her mother had passed away and she wanted Sam there for the funeral.
"I'm all over the shop. My head's a bit scattered. I woke up really early this morning and checked my messages," he said. "So my ex-partner's mum has passed away. it was a massive shock. I've got a lot of history with my ex, and we're really close.The funeral is on as the honeymoon is taking place. Yeah, I don't know what to do.
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Sam Ball finds out the heartbreaking news that his ex-girlfriend's mum has passed away. (Source: Channel 9)
When Sam sits down to tell Elizabeth the news, she is supportive - until he tells her where it is - New Zealand.
"So that means we're obviously not going on our honeymoon," she says.
It's here when the retail assistant's behaviour turns, admitting how "stunned" she is by the whole situation.
"I don't know what's going on," she says. "This does make me a little bit worried about my experience with Sam."
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Elizabeth is not quite sure how to act. (Source: Channel 9)
But it's when Sam is asked by airline staff upon booking his flights if he needed a return ticket, that Elizabeth's true colours began to show.
"I'm not sure," he says looking over at her - while Australia's most confident bride rolls her eyes, clearly furious.
"I can tell she's very frustrated, but um, what do you do? I've only known her for a day," Sam tells producers.
Sam leaves for the airport. (Source: Channel 9)
Could this be a sign of things to come? Or is it an add on to an already fractured relationship?
Woman's Day revealed on Monday that Elizabeth came close to running off the set after she threw a very public tantrum at her and Sam's hotel in Sydney the night of their wedding.
"She was furious, she threw herself against the wall and sulked," reveals a spy.
While the pair played happy couples for the cameras, they appeared to be doomed from the beginning, with a close friend of the groom saying Sam and Liz are completely incompatible.
"Those two are like chalk and cheese," they snip. "If you ask me they won't last very long."
A producer was forced to step in to keep the peace. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
After their spat, the newlyweds were wrangled into an elevator by a producer, who tried to keep the peace, however their first night together was far from ideal.
So is all of this a sign for things to come? Will Sam return to the experiment? And how will Elizabeth cope without her groom?
So many questions and we cannot WAIT until they're answered!