Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Sam and Elizabeth are over before it began

Mates claim the couple are just too different to make it work.

Australia's "most confident bride" Elizabeth had no issue declaring her new husband Sam "ticks all the boxes" after they first laid eyes on each other at their Hawkesbury River NSW wedding venue.
But it appears the tradie's chiselled good looks and massive muscles weren't enough to keep the 27-year-old store manager entertained once cameras stopped filming, back at their hotel.
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The newlyweds clashed on their wedding night. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
It's over before it began for Sam and Elizabeth. (Images: Channel Nine)
Woman's Day can reveal Elizabeth came close to running off the set after she threw a very public tantrum at her and Sam's hotel in Sydney.
"She was furious, she threw herself against the wall and sulked," reveals a spy.
While the pair played happy couples for the cameras, they appeared to be doomed from the beginning, with a close friend of the groom saying Sam and Liz are completely incompatible.
"Those two are like chalk and cheese," they snip.
"If you ask me they won't last very long."
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A producer was forced to step in to keep the peace. (Image: Exclusive to Diimex)
After their spat, the newlyweds were wrangled into an elevator by a producer, who tried to keep the peace, however their first night together was far from ideal.
Sam, 26, said at the wedding Elizabeth wasn't "as slim" as the girls he's dated in the past. "She's a bit bigger."
His comments left a sour taste in her mouth, with Liz saying she had no plans to consummate the marriage.
"I said I wouldn't do that."
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Couple swap alert? Sam admits: 'I'm attracted to Ines!'

It's been reported there's more couple-swapping than ever before this season, and whispers are circulating that Sam is a part of it.
In fact, the groom admits he's already got his eye on another bride – Ines!
When asked who he'd pick if he could have chosen his bride, Sam tells us he'd return to his traditional brunette type and "go for someone who tends not to have as much drama around them, like Ines."
Would Sam be better matched with Ines? (Images: Channel Nine)

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