Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight: Sam's shock return to the experiment

''Honey, I'm home!''

Nothing says drama like Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball's Married at First Sight Marriage - or lack-thereof.
Yup, if you're all caught up on this week's episodes, you'll know that Sam left his new bride the morning after their wedding, to attend a funeral in New Zealand.
And while we know that Lizzie was going a little cray cray over the situation, things were made worse when her groom "ghosted" the hell out of her.
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On Wednesday's episode, we were a fly on the wall for the very first dinner party - and yes! This is exactly what we've been waiting for.
The dinner party is a time for our couples to let down their hair, eat good food, drink lots of alcohol and most importantly, air their already, very dirty laundry.
And tonight's gathering, gave us everything and more.
After arriving at the dinner party solo, Lizzie summons the group to talk about how she had been ditched the morning after her wedding.
And there were a lot of, ahem, feelings...
"He's an absolute piece of sh--," 26-year-old Jessika Power said, and Cyrell Jimenez's: "There wasn't really a funeral!" Ouch.
Prompting a mini argument to break out between Cyrell and her fake husband, Nic Jovanovic.
Elizabeth with Heidi Latcham and Ning Surasiang. (Source: Channel 9)
So with tensions running high, you can only imagine the utter shock and excitement when Sam makes his entrance at the dinner party during their meal.
"Honey, I'm home!" he says, and oh, he's back and Elizabeth is not happy.
Lizzie's reaction though... (Source: Channel 9)
"How are you," he says to her. "Surprise"...and no, Sam! You are in biiiiig trouble, Mister!
Reading the room, Sam realises that his wife is not happy, but keeps talking anyway - and hasn't he ever heard of the saying, "Happy wife, happy life"?
The camera then cuts to Jessika - which is important, because she is definitley only here to watch the drama or to cause it - but frankly, so are we - and we cannot WAIT to hear what Sammy boy has to say.
"Basically after the wedding I looked through the phone and I had a few messages and my ex had contacted me and her mother had passed away. I was very close with my ex and her family and so I felt, right, I had to do it. I told Elizabeth."
Heidi then asks, "Have you contacted Elizabeth since the - " and before she could finish, Elizabeth interrupts and says.
"Yes, has there been any contact? I left a voicemail!" And eesh. Anyone else feeling hot under the collar?
Story continues after the video
If looks could kill... (Source: Channel 9)
Sam asks which device she may have left a voicemail on, and if he doesn't know that you leave a voicemail on a phone by now, we have bigger issues to worry about.
"There's no voicemail, I'll show you my phone. I'll prove it. I'll get my phone and prove it," he says super defensively.
Dear old Sam, never play games with Lizzie on National television - especially when there are camera's because...
Lizzie hears Sam's voicemail. (Source: Channel 9)
Naturally, the pair engage in a very heated conversation.
"Dude, do you even know what I've gone through?" she says, to which Sam responds: "Would you like a drink?"
Now, she would not like a drink Sam. She would like an explanation!
"I just feel like it wasn't handled in the right way and there should have been some more communication..."
Instead of actively listening to her, Sam says: "You're so angry, relax, just breathe" and:
Umm, what??? (Source: Channel 9)
As the experts point out, "he looks oblivious and happy" because "there's no issue there for him" but we have a feeling that our girl Lizzie is not going to left him off the hook that easily!
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