Married At First Sight

Sorry but as if MAFS' Sam Ball really had the chicken pox

Was this the wildest MAFS moment yet?

By Bella Brennan
Sam Ball really is the gift that keeps on giving.
From his cringe-worthy "affair" with Ines Basic to his vanishing act on his honeymoon with TV bride Elizabeth Sobinoff, the Married At First Sight groom's antics are getting a lot of airtime this year.
But it was his performance on Wednesday night's episode of the Channel Nine show that really ruffled feathers with MAFS viewers after he rocked up late (again) to the weekly dinner party, claiming to be battling a nasty bout of chicken pox.
Yep, the 26-year-old tradie just can't catch a break.
"So I've been diagnosed with chicken pox. The good news is, if you've had it you're sweet. And the same thing, if you've been vaccinated, you're all good too," Sam explains to his shocked castmates in a spiel that sounded not only rehearsed but also incorrect.
WATCH: Sam Ball reveals he has chicken pox. Post continues after the video...
While the disease, known as the varicella-zoster virus, is most commonly caught as a child, according to medical experts being struck-down with the chicken pox as an adult can be much more debilitating.
The illness riddles you with flu-like symptoms including fever, aches and pains, headaches and loss of appetite so it's a miracle Sam was able to even make the dinner party let alone be in such good spirits.
The most common symptom of chicken pox is of course the bright red spots, which appear over the whole body.
Speaking to Now to Love, virologist Dr Dave Hawkes said Sam should have been kept away from his co-stars.
"Chickenpox in adults can be very serious, resulting in a range of serious complications and even, in rare cases, death. Adults can get pneumonia and brain infections from the chickenpox virus. Like children, adults with acute chickenpox, getting new blisters, are highly contagious and medical advice is that they should remain at home," Dr Hawkes told us.
Itchy business: Chicken pox as an adult can be debilitating. (Image: Channel Nine)
Once the spots start to scab around 10 days in, you're no longer contagious.
Sam's "spots" were still very much red and raw so it's also interesting that Channel Nine, who have a duty of care for the cast under their watch, let him mingle with his fellow MAFS co-stars, many of whom openly said they haven't had the chicken pox before.
People who have also had the chicken pox can still contract shingles so Sam's explanation really doesn't stand up.
Things just aren't adding up and fans have taken to social media to call bulls--t on Sam's alleged chicken pox, with many sharing their own haunting tales of having the illness as an adult.
"I had chicken pox as an adult. Firstly, I thought I had the flu I was so sick. Then once the spots came out I was covered in them, like everywhere, in my ears, mouth, eyes... literally everywhere. The itching was unbearable, I would pace the house in tears. Everyone I have met who also had it as an adult had a similar experience. And yet..... this guy goes to a dinner party and even flirts," one person penned.
"Ditto as an adult and 12 weeks pregnant with hyperemesis gravidarum. Actually didn't care if I died. ghastly," a second shared.
"Adult chicken pox can turn into painful shingles and can make you seriously ill," a third noted.
Meanwhile, Channel Nine have also addressed the backlash in a statement which read: "Once Sam was diagnosed with chicken pox, all necessary measures were taken by the production's medical team to ensure both the cast and crew were not at risk of being infected. Sam was also given the necessary time off from filming to make a full recovery. #MAFS."