Married At First Sight

MAFS' Sam Ball 'embarassed' by his behaviour and treatment of bride Lizzie

''I really am absolutely sorry for my choice of words.''

By Anita Lyons
Married at First Sight's Sam Ball has certainly been one of the most controversial 'characters' from season 6.
The 27-year-old has had more than his fair share of drama, on-screen and off, and even did a very sneaky disappearing act during the reunion episode, prompting outrage from the rest of the participants and fans alike.
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But what really got the ball rolling (so-to-speak) for Sam to become arguably one of Australia's most disliked men on Television, was his controversial comments about bride Elizabeth Sobinoff, the very first time we met him.
During their wedding photo shoot, the photographer asked Sam to pick up his bride for a few pictures. The camera then cut to Sam giving an interview… where he made a few unpleasant comments about Elizabeth's appearance.
"I've never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past, to be honest," he said. "It's obviously a topic that's troubled her in the past.
"Maybe I'll get her running in the mornings, maybe I'll drag her out of bed. She'll be right. We'll get her going."
"I've never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past, to be honest," Sam said. (Source: Channel 9)
Now, the tradie has spoken out in an interview with Confidential, apologising for his behaviour and in particular these brutal comments.
"I'm ashamed by the way I behaved and, to be honest, embarrassed for all of us by what I've seen on the show."
"I really am absolutely sorry for the choice of words I used in the show. I know my actions would have offended almost every woman in the country and I had my time again, I would have done it differently."
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Earlier in the week, Sam, who went into hiding during the finale week, resurfaced on none other than A Current Affair - fitting given his current status in Australia.
And instead of attempting to snub the cameras and questions so often avoided by other culprits on the show, Sam spoke out directly.
Reporter Reid Butler tracked down Sam after calling his mobile, visiting his home and going to the construction site he works at.
Eventually tracking him down outside a gas station, Sam broke his silence to the cameras: "I just didn't want any part in the show, you know what I mean, like, the drama and all that."
He referenced the highly criticised "affair" he had with fellow participant Ines Basic while he was "married" to on-screen wife Lizzie Sobinoff.
"I didn't want to disrespect Ines or anyone. Like Elizabeth or everyone, like I feel bad. The way she felt in the scene, her reactions and stuff. I'm sorry for her and anyone who got offended by what I said, I'm sorry."
Other cast mates believe Sam missed his opportunity to come clean after he skipped out on the finale. (Image: Channel Nine)
After Sam was a no-show at the reunion, Lizzie was left to watch her MAFS "journey" alone, and it did not go well for her TV husband.
During the season's penultimate finale, Lizzie and her extremely unlikely reunion ally Ines Basic – had finally had enough, and they let rip.
In a spontaneous and powerful monologue, Lizzie responds in a way which would have viewers vigorously applauding everywhere.
"What is he setting the tone for all of the girls out there," she said.
"You're not worthy enough if you're not a size 6 or below, you're not worthy enough. You don't deserve the time of day. You don't deserve any of that.
"I am just appalled that he would just make it so free to comment on a woman's weight. That to me is despicable and disgusting.
"As women, it's a hard enough time in this life, OK. It's is a hard enough time."