Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Rhyce Power's ex breaks her silence on his relationship with Tamara

But what she said may not have been what you would expect.

By Alex Lilly
If you've been keeping up with all the Married At First Sight couple swapping, we salute you.
The latest couple from the show (which everyone is still unsure about) is season six bride Tamara Joy and Rhyce Power, the breakout star and brother to season six bride Jessika Power.
But now, Rhyce's ex girlfriend has broken her silence on this couple and what she said may surprise you.
In an "Ask Me Anything" series on her Instagram Stories, Rhyce's ex-girlfriend Vanessa Sierra responded to a fan's question of "How do you feel about Tamara and Rhyce?"
"This one had to be asked didn't it?" the brunette beauty told the camera.
"I actually only found out about this yesterday and to be honest I was really shocked because Tamara was speaking to a couple of my friends at the time that everything happened and what she said about Rhyce contradicts everything that she's doing now," she continued.
"So it's a little bit of a weird one, I'm not sure if she genuinely likes him or if it's more for publicity."
Rhyce's ex took to Instagram to share how she was feeling about the new 'couple.' (Image: Instagram @vanessasierra)
They may have said they're just friends but Rhyce and Tamara have been popping up on each other's social media accounts a fair bit. (Image: Instagram @rhyce_power)
In April, Vanessa posted an image of herself with what appeared to be a black eye to Instagram, alleging that Rhyce physically abused her.
"7 days of isolation and I'm back to myself again," she wrote. "Those closest to me already know what happened. This was taken the day I left and it does not even hint the extent of what I went through. Domestic violence isn't a f---ing joke, so here is (literally) a taste of your own medicine. On a completely separate note, @rhyce_power how is Thailand?"
Rhyce firmly denied these claims and addressed his side of the story on Instagram.
WATCH: Rhyce Power addresses abuse claims on Instagram. Post continues after video...
When Rhyce's sister Jessika was asked about Rhyce and Tamara's relationship, the former MAFS bride, who infamously partnered up with Tamara's on-screen husband Dan Webb, kept things diplomatic.
"My brother isn't always the smartest but I trust his judgement and I don't have any hate towards Tamara," she confessed on Instagram shortly after they became 'Insta official'...sort of," she said.
"They are two grown adults eating dinner. Move forward, guys, there is way more going on than some fake hate on a 'reality' show."

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