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EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Poppy reveals the real reason she freaked out on her wedding day

When you know, you know.

By TV Week team
Married At First Sight bride Poppy Jennings has revealed why she "freaked out" on her wedding day: she just didn't feel that spark with her groom.
During the show's premiere episode on Monday evening, the reality TV bride had her sights set on meeting her dream man.
But in an exclusive chat with TV WEEK, she opens up about the moment that everything changed.
Poppy was a little jittery when her wedding day eventually rolled around. (Channel Nine)
"I brought all my closest friends all that way to witness my second marriage, and then there wasn't that instant connection with Luke," Poppy, 38, tells TV WEEK.
"I just started to panic as well about, 'What am I doing here? I've left my kids.'"
The Wollongong photographer, mum to twin toddler boys, says she seriously wanted to quit the show just before the big day.
"When I arrived, I was by myself in this massive house near the Blue Mountains," she remembers.
"All my guests were at a different hotel. I was on my own and I had all this time to think about it. I was actually messaging my friends saying, 'I can't do it.'"
The MAFS bride faced some hard truths when it came to the big day. (Channel Nine)
However, she says she would never have quit on the day of the wedding.
"I was never going to do that because that would just have been unfair to everyone."
Poppy says she was "petrified" when she was walking down the aisle.
"You just know everyone is going to judge you for everything. That weighs on your mind. It's not like when the show first started and it was this little experiment."
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In fact, she was so stressed on the day that she finds it hard to answer a lot of questions about it.
"I can barely even remember it," she says.
"When my husband left me, I don't remember a lot of that.
"When I'm stressed I think I work on autopilot and that's what was happening for the wedding and the first couple of days."

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