Married At First Sight

Shock walkout! Which MAFS groom decides to quit the experiment for good?

One bride will be left heartbroken.

By TV Week team
It's only been a few days since the commitment ceremony on Married At First Sight, but we're in for another big twist.
In a moment no-one sees coming, one groom shocks the group in an upcoming episode when he walks out of the experiment – and his wife. What went so wrong to leave his partner heartbroken?
TV WEEK can reveal the groom quits after realising he needs to deal with some personal issues in private.
"I need time to recharge my batteries," he says.
He adds he doesn't want to do anything he'll regret.
Mat has been sleeping on the couch in their apartment.
"I can be a hothead and don't have much of a filter," the mystery man explains.
So, who could it be? Most of the couples, namely Telv Williams and Sarah Roza, Patrick and Charlene, Nasser Sultan and Gabrielle Bartlett, appear smitten with their new partners, but Sean D, Mat Lockett, Dean Wells and Sean T have all expressed concerns with their marriages.
Mat, who is paired with Alycia Galbraith, told NW: "I started feeling smothered and lost six kilos in ten days. I wasn't sleeping at all and my mind went into overdrive."
Despite writing 'stay' at the commitment ceremony the cracks are beginning to show.
"Alycia doesn't drink, she doesn't raise her voice, she doesn't swear and she's scared of balloons... They're my four favourite things!" he says.
"I've been trying to explain to her we have nothing in common but it doesn't worry her at all."
WATCH: Dean and Davina flirt (story continues after video)
Which bride will be left heartbroken?
Sean T, who's 'married' to Blair, got emotional on Sunday's episode after explaining why he's been so distant with his wife. He began crying while speaking about his past 'self-destructive' behaviour.
Controversial groom Dean wanted to leave partner Tracey Jewel, completely blindsiding her. He now seems to be pursuing something with Davina Rankin, while Sean Donnelly, married to Jo McPharlin, is completely uninterested in the marriage.
We can't wait to see it all unfold.

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