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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Nic shares his heartbreaking personal diary from cancer treatment

Nic shares with TV WEEK his diary of beating cancer for the second time at 28.

By Karina Recchi and Nic Jovanovic
When Nic Jovanovic confessed early on in Married at First Sight that he'd beaten testicular cancer four years ago at a young 24, hearts collectively broke across the nation.
And while the story he shared with his on-screen wife Cyrell Jimenez was a tale of courage and bravery, things have taken a turn in Nic's world.
Yep, just days after filming the reunion in January, Nic was back in surgery to remove one of his testicles after discovering the cancer had returned.
Nic was back in surgery after filming MAFS.
Here, Nic shares with TV WEEK, his heartbreaking diary of beating cancer for the second time at 28.
Noticed my left testicle had shrunk a little bit and was smaller than my right one. Also noticed a small semi-hard kind of lump at the end of my left teste.
Having been what I've been through, I didn't want to take any risks and went to the doctors' who then referred me to get an ultrasound. She thought it was just an enlarged vein coming into the testicle. (HOPE SO.)
JANUARY 2, 2019
I had my scan and found on my left one I had a lot of calcification of some sort and also a small lump. The man could not share too many details, but said the specialist will take a look ASAP and notify my doctor of the results. He said it is a high priority.
JANUARY 8, 2019
Finally saw the doctor again to discuss the results. I awkwardly asked if it was bad. She said it's suspicious, but couldn't give too much away. I was booked in on 17/1/19 with urologist Dr Alexander Grant to discuss further detection.
Nic during cancer treatment.
JANUARY 17, 2019
I finally meet with Dr Grant – the same sharp-shooting urologist who removed the tumour in my stomach nearly five years ago now. We sat down and he started looking over the ultrasound images and reports. I could hear him mumbling and growling and even swearing under his breath in disbelief. He said this isn't good. "I cannot believe that this lump is on the left one that is connected to the left side tumour we had removed."
He said this is crazy and that the lump could have been there since the start and was not big enough to pick up in latest scans and blood tests etc. He said he could not wait to write about me and how remarkable this story is because the second bout of cancer is connected to the first.
He then said we have no time to waste and need to operate immediately. He suggested next week. I told him that I am filming for MAFS (reunion) and I'm out next week. He hesitated and suggested the following week – January 29 – to have the testicle removed. Then have my body ran over from top to bottom and make sure there is no other nasties hidden away.
So here we are, facing cancer AGAIN. I've beaten it once. Ill beat it again!
Nic previously beat cancer four years ago!
JANUARY 29, 2019
I arrive and funny enough in the waiting room my wedding episode was on repeat at 1.30pm.
Nurses approach me in confusion knowing my story from watching the show, but are unaware why I am back again.
Ten minutes later I'm called in for my pre-op interview and ran over everything that's happening. I put my gown on and go straight onto the bed. They injected me with the sleeping potion and surgery then happened.
I was out and woke up in my hospital room in quite a bit of pain – very achy and very stiff.
My mum and stepdad both came to visit. My bestie Pete and Sam (his wife) came. My other good friend Dee came, too. All bearing gifts and chocolates!
Having been taking Endone and painkillers every few hours, I managed to finally be able to stand up and go to the toilet. Then it hit me: the very hard reality that one testicle had been removed. This was inevitable, but hadn't sunk in until I finally looked and felt the area.
To be honest, it is not very noticeable unless moving parts around to have a better look. I finally fell asleep.
JANUARY 30, 2019
I wake up feeling slightly better, so I was able to walk and go have a shower. Doctor came in and had a quick look. He asked if I'm okay and said I can head home.
Nic was sent home after surgery on the 30th of January.
FEBRUARY 13, 2019
I had my doctor's appointment and they confirmed the testicle was cancerous.
The diagnosis was:
  • malignant germ cell tumour
  • seminoma 95% teratoma 5%
  • tumour resection margins clear
  • germ cell neoplasm in situ
So having all this my markers for this type of cancer are between 1-5 and mine was a 6 before surgery. I had a blood test done today and will confirm where I'm at soon. In the meantime I have to have chemo again. Specialist reckons only one session, but have to wait and see how we go and what needs to be done.
FEBRUARY 21, 2019
Arrived at Dr Acklands and went to the oncology ward where I had my treatment years ago and visited everyone getting chemo. I've been here for an hour taking photos with everyone and putting smiles on everyone's faces. Little did they know I am here in the same boat as them again…
On my way here I also called a lady going through chemo too just to make her smile. My mate rang asking for a favour and I couldn't refuse. People are so grateful and happy! Grateful I'm on the show and now I'm able to start making a difference hopefully.
Dr Ackland had told me my tumour markers were back under 5 after the surgery. Meaning the testicle with the tumour was probably the cause of my tumour markers to be higher.
He also advised next Wednesday and Thursday to do chemo. In the meantime I have to do blood tests and get another CT scan. I'm booked in Monday at 1.15 for the CT scan.
FEBRUARY 25, 2019
CT scan was done and doctors will receive results to confirm no further lumps and bumps on my body.
FEBRUARY 27, 2019
Chemo started, but I'm remaining positive and happy. Walked in confident and strong knowing full well this was only the icing on the cake to finish off any possible cancer cells. If any…
So draining and yuck having those chemicals flowing through my body. Thank God it was only for one day. Tomorrow I'll inject myself with a little needle full of white bloodcells to help my body recover after the chemo.
In two weeks I have blood tests and another appointment to ensure that I am now Cancer free AGAIN!!!
April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and urges men to get "friendly with your testes". The Movember Foundation aims to halve the number of men dying from testicular cancer by 2030. To make a donation, visit movember.com

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