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MAFS' Mike Gunner denies running his own fan page as the account is SHUT DOWN

Mike Gunner is finally breaking his silence on THAT mysterious fan page.

By Bella Brennan
Just yesterday, Now to Love unearthed compelling evidence that suggested Mike Gunner could perhaps be running his own fan page.
After we reached out to the page for clarification over who is responsible for managing it, the @team_mike_mafs Instagram account was mysteriously deleted and our request for comment fell on flat ears.
And now, Mike Gunner is finally setting the record straight.
Phoning in to the Kyle and Jackie O show on KIIS FM on Thursday morning, Mike addressed our report and was asked point blank if he was running his own fan page.
"There is a fan page that's been set-up. Now to Love website have picked up on a few tell-tale details that they believe Mike is the one responsible for setting up the fan page, not his friends," Jackie O explained in her O News segment.
"The evidence against you is not looking great from where you're standing with following the page first bro, replying to people," Jackie's co-host Beau Ryan asked.
"Are you responsible for setting up that page?" Jackie pressed once they got Mike on the line.
LISTEN BELOW: MAFS groom Mike Gunner denies running his own fan page. Post continues after...
"It's pandemonium! No, it's not my page. It's a friend of mine who was offended by the trolling and thought she'd throw a bit of support my way. Who was I to discourage a bit of support?" Mike explained.
Before adding: "I had nothing to do with it. Suddenly I was sent a link and I felt compelled to follow it to see what people said."
As for why it suddenly vanished just hours after our report broke, Mike explained: "I asked her to shut it down. It didn't feel right in the end and she was getting a lot of flak so I told her to pull the pin."
Interestingly, Mike only references one female friend running the account however the bio stated that "friends" plural of Mike's were behind it. Alas, at least Mike is finally setting the record straight.
"We are friends of Mike. There's a lot of ❤️ & respect for this man. Open to love not hate," the account's bio read. (Image: @team_mike_mafs Instagram)
Earlier this week, speculation mounted that the electrician could be running his own page after the @mafsfunny Instagram account revealed Mike was the first person to follow his fan page, he monitors and responds to all the comments very closely and most suspiciously, the captions on the "fan page" were so detailed that perhaps Mike himself might be writing them.
Indeed, there's no denying just how much information was posted in some of the captions.
For example, in one post shared to the @team_mike_mafs page, the caption shed light on the electrician's charitable deeds.
"Mike doing what he does best! He has a big heart. When he travels he likes to get amongst the locals and give back to the community. He plays soccer with the kids and brings food for the village (and their dogs!). #teamMike #teammikeMAFS #mikekangaroo," it read next to a snapshot of Mike with a group of local children he has met on his travels.
While another upload once again touted his community spirit: "He won't be playing for Real Madrid anytime soon, but he gave it a good crack! Mike and some mates visited this village and brought the soccer ball so the kids could have some fun. Kids 5, Mike 0 (although the final score is still debated!). #mikekangaroo #teamMike #MikeIsALegend #lovenothate #notrollshere."
It was also revealed Mike could have been having conversations with himself in the comment section.
Under a smouldering headshot of the reality TV star, which features a glowing caption trumpeting his family values, loyal heart, advocacy for animal welfare, Mike Gunner confirmed to a curious fan that he doesn't eat meat.
Underneath Mike's comment was a comment from the @team_mike_mafs page which said: "Hey mate! Good luck with your radio interviews today!"
But alas, it looks like it was Mike's unnamed female companion all along.
RIP to the @team_mike_mafs Instagram page, gone but never forgotten.
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By Wednesday afternoon, the page had been mysteriously deleted. (Image: @team_mike_mafs)