Married At First Sight

Inside Married At First Sight's strip club scandal

Strip clubs, fights and a lost ring!

We hear quite a few of the couples had fun indulging in the free-flowing booze, with many drunken antics, most notably a female-only game of spin the bottle.
It's believed Mick and Jess got into a huge domestic, with Jess hitting the roof after learning Mick had boasted to all the boys that he and Jess had finally consummated their marriage, telling them every little detail.
And despite having an entire hotel floor to himself, Woman's Day hears Sam had time to escape to a strip club, getting lap dances until almost dawn. He also reportedly lost his wedding ring during the shenanigans, which producers weren't happy about.
Sam lost his ring at a strip club and Mick sinks a few. (Images: Channel Nine/Supplied)
Things aren't looking good for blonde bombshell Jess and Aussie farmer Mick.
From Mick labelling Jessika as "fame hungry" to Jessika calling out Mick for not sticking up for her, the couple just keep on clashing.
26 year-old Jess fuelled speculation she's already broken up with Mike when she was spotted cosying up to Love Island bad boy Eden Dally on a boozy night out in Melbourne along with Jess's brother, the MAFS breakout hottie, Rhyce Power.
WATCH: MAFS' Jessika Power cosies up to Love Island's Eden Dally. Post continues...
Sam's strip club antics aren't the only drama he's caused on the show. In fact, it's been ongoing ever since he ghosted his new bride Elizabeth shortly after their on-screen wedding.
Not only has he engaged in an illicit "affair" with bride Ines, but he also raised a few eyebrows after turning up to last week's dinner party late because of...chicken pox?
"So I've been diagnosed with chicken pox. The good news is, if you've had it you're sweet. And the same thing, if you've been vaccinated, you're all good too," Sam bizarrely explained to his fellow grooms and brides.
Despite this, he still managed to cosy up to Ines later on.
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Sam has caused his fair share of drama on the show. (Image: Channel Nine)

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