Married At First Sight

Have MAFS' Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatids taken it too far with their latest Insta pic?

Well this is certainly very cheeky!

By Anita Lyons
This year's Married At First Sight cast are certainly leaving nothing to the imagination when it comes to their social media.
From nearly naked selfies to not sure why captions, the cast have no trouble flaunting themselves across their networks.
And for fellow baes' Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis, it's their, at times, vom-inducing Insta posts that prove that they are 100% still together.
In one of their latest couple pics, Martha posted a photo of her boo and frankly, guys, put. it. away.
"Heard it was cold outside today..." Martha captioned the post and imagine them showing this to their grand kids...
"OMG is that michael's backside😂" one fan commented, while another said: "All I can think of is who took this raunchy photo?" And us, too!
Well this is certainly very...cheeky. (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
Surprisingly, majority of the comments from Martha's 272k fan base were positive, even going as far as referring to the post as a "work of art".
But mostly, people were just excited by Michael's peach perfect behind...
On the weekend, the couple set tongues wagging (literally) again when Martha posted a photo of her and Bae making out with Michael's tongue sticking out.
"👋🏻 meet Mr. Brunelli..." she said, referring to the fact that he is a school teacher, and guys. NO.
"👋🏻 meet Mr. Brunelli..." and his tongue... (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
Fans were very quick to jump on board the selfie, praising them for being "too cute" and "so hot" and "meant 2 be". Umm...what?
While most comments were overly positive, someone else wrote what the rest of us were thinking: "Bit porn though tbh I'm feeling conflicted [sic]"
And then there was this: "No offence but how are you still relevant?" Ouch!
Let's also not forget that Mr Brunelli is an actual school teacher and no doubt, the parents of the kids are following his account.
"Good one for the kids to see after class,eh," one comment read.
And while this post surely was just the couple having fun, another said: "You have nothing to prove. Everything that happened in the past was because of your insecurities. Know your worth."
But this wasn't the first post that sent tongues wagging for the pair. In fact, a few weeks ago - they posted this couple photo:
Casual dining. (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
And a mere 48.3k people liked it.
While we think they both look GORGEOUS, we feel like we've definitely intruded on a very intimate moment... and it's safe to say they are really putting every single breakup rumour to rest.
But Michael and Martha aren't the only ones who are posting NSFW pics to the gram.
Co-star Ines Basic is certainly no stranger to the odd and outrageous post.
Taking to her Instagram back in March, Ines shared a suggestive picture of herself on her Instagram story which showed her sitting on a bed and pulling up her top to expose her bare stomach.
But it wasn't the staged image itself that surprised us - in fact it's all-too-common to see people use the social media platform as an amateur modelling portfolio.
No, it was the wording that really caught our attention.
The MAFS star wrote alongside the picture: "Show your dad this. Guarantee you he wanna see it."
Ummm, this might be crossing a line.
Umm, we're not sure about this Ines... (Source: Instagram/innnnnnes)
She then posted a picture of herself revealing her chest (with a well-placed Hello Kitty character providing a little bit of coverage), along with the words:
"When the MAFS cast are so desperate to make a headline they gotta tip the paps off to make a dollar out of you."
She continued: "Please don't act like you never seen a tittie before. Woman feed their children with these."
Okay, wow. Just wow.
Hello, Kitty?!?! (Source: Instagram/innnnnnes)
Ines was also in hot water more recently, when she took to her Instagram story to prove a point with vile language and somebody seriously needs to monitor their social media activity again...
Bride Tamara joy also added fuel to the fire, when she posted a RACY pic - in the nude - to her account.
Tamara Joy's racy pic sent tongues wagging! Tamara Joy's Insta post has set tongues wagging. (Source: Instagram/Tamara__joy)
The 29-year-old former wife of Dan Webb, shared a very risque photo of herself wearing, well, precisely nothing.
"☀️😝🌴 #notnaked," she captioned the racy post, followed by a series of hashtags: "#bali #lovetheskinyourein #islandgirl #canggu #indonesia #islandgirl #seminyak #cheekyselfie #embraceyourbody #positivevibes #balivibes #poollife"
In case you skipped over the hashtags, Tamara's message was clear. Embrace your body and love the skin you're in.
textWhile she was trying to promote body positivity, many of her fans took to the comments section to post their thoughts on the controversial post.
"Stupid post," one fan wrote. "I'm not a prude but I thought you were smarter than that. Disappointed ☹️"
While another commented: "I don't think you need to go to that exstream to get attention you have natural but with have to do that [sic]."
WATCH NEXT: Tamara and Dan play "Mr and Mrs" with NW. Story continues after the post...
Unfortunately, the backlash for the reality star did not end there.
"This isn't really about body confidence and loving the skin you're in though is it?" an Insta user wrote. "🙄Because you don't need to nude up to communicate this message.
"✊💦 It's another washed up D grade reality tv star post using sex and their looks to try & stay relevant. They're all doing it and it's really obvious. It's the same old battle rhythm, lose weight, get veneers, get a stylist and an agent and start spamming us with these bullshit, touchy feely, sponsored posts.
"All the while trying to get a radio gig and appearing on any trashy reality spin offs that'll take you. Desperation is a stinky cologne." EEEP!
Hmmm...when is too far, well, too far?

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