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MAFS' Melissa Lucarelli: Broke, betrayed and nearly homeless!

It seems that being on Married at First Sight is not all it's cracked up to be.

By NW team
If there was one contestant we were really rooting for, it was unlucky-in-love Melissa Lucarelli.
Try as she might, she just couldn't ignite any kind of spark with her yogi hubby Dino – especially after tape-gate!
Since electing to leave her on-screen marriage after Dino Hira secretly recorded her phone calls, Mel reveals she was contacted by a legal eagle who was interested in her case.
"It's illegal to record a conversation when you're not in the conversation!" says the bride.
And as if her MAFS marriage wasn't messy enough, the bubbly bride has since been struggling to make ends meet, revealing she's not too far off winding up on the streets.
The bubbly bride has since been struggling to make ends meet. (Source: Channel 9)
"I have to look for work because I'm actually nearly homeless," the 38-year-old confesses. "I'm so broke – I'm almost on the streets, which really sucks."
But it appears that Mel isn't the only TV-bride who is struggling to make bank.
"The participants' contracts make it really tough for them to work or make money while they are participating on the show," the source explains.
Mel's journey came to an abrupt end after Dino recorder her. (Source: Instagram)
Speaking exclusively to NW, the source goes on to reveal that specific clauses prevent the participants from taking up ambassador deals on social media and they aren't paid for their exhausting press obligations – including morning television and radio show gigs.
"Most of them are broke while the show is on, it's hard to return to a day job after the show," the source adds.
Meanwhile, Mel's fellow bride and real-life pal Jules Robinson reveals she's even considering taking Mel in to live with her and husband Cam Merchant.
Because they weren't already perfect enough!
Mel with her TV husband Dino. (Source: Channel 9)
"Mel is obviously mad," Jules jokingly told NW previously.
"But Cam and I have such a special bond with her, she's truly a great woman".
Here's hoping that Mel lands on her feet soon.

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