Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Lauren shocks Matthew as she reveals she used to be a lesbian

“You don’t know the half of me yet”

By Tina Burke
Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett's relationship went from strength to strength last week on Married At First Sight.
After tying the knot in an intimate Byron Bay ceremony and enjoying a cosy honeymoon in South Australia, Matthew lost his virginity to Lauren. But the cracks began to show in their relationship during tonight's episode.
For their first 'Yes Week' Matthew was put in charge, giving him the opportunity to direct the couples activities for the entire week.
Matthew chose to use the opportunity to ask Lauren a series of questions like "what's your favourite colour?" and "what's your favourite food?"
She was not impressed by the lack of substance to Matthew's questions, saying in a voice-over "I guess I was expecting for him to ask, like, something interesting."
When Matthew asked Lauren "what's something about you that most people find surprising when they learn?" she replied "I used to be a lesbian."
With that answer, Matthew was left visibly shocked and unhappy.
"You don't know the half of me yet," Lauren continued, while Matthew remained silent. "Wow, cool. I'm glad you're showing so much interest."
Matthew didn't respond to Lauren's attempt to open up. His seemingly uninterested and unimpressed reaction left Lauren feeling frustrated by her husband.
"The fact that I have had relationships with girls definitely shocked Matt and he went silent. He just won't talk," Lauren said. "I'm not impressed to be honest. He should have a thousand things to ask me, I've got a thousand things to ask him. So it makes me question like, does he really want to know about me?"
Matthew tells TV WEEK that Lauren's big reveal was overwhelming because he isn't sexually experienced.
"There's this overwhelming feeling that maybe I'm not enough," the videographer tells TV WEEK.
"I've always felt not good enough. To me, that's something that concerns me. Am I going to be good enough?" says Matthew.
"With my limited relationship experience, will I be able to be everything she needs me to be? I'm so inexperienced relationship-wise, so it's all quite a big deal."
It seems one of the show's most rock-solid couples is on shaky ground heading in to week two of the experiment. Here's hoping they can turn it around!
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network.

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