Married At First Sight

MAFS' Lauren just slammed Matthew's behaviour on social media and it's RUTHLESS

He's not capable of feelings!

By Jess Pullar
They were off to such a thrilling start, but it seems one of Married at First Sight's most promising couples are most definitely not so promising anymore.
While last week was all smiles and rainbows for Lauren and "husband" Matthew (now referred to on the show as "the former virgin"), this week, things took a turn for the worst.
And it all came to a head in Wednesday evening's episode when Lauren overheard Matthew tell some of the other grooms at a dinner party that he wasn't 'attracted' to Lauren.
While her reaction during the show was understandably hurt and confused, it was her response in real time (aka last night) that's really got us talking.
Lauren and Matthew's relationship appears to have hit the rocks. (Image: Nine)
After hearing Matthew mention that he didn't think he was attracted to her on the show, Lauren did the adult thing and addressed it face to face with Matthew straight away (side note: can we get some claps for Lauren - maturity levels inspo!).
"I just feel a bit used, Matt," Lauren said, before asking, "Did you use me to lose your virginity?"
Speaking to the camera, Matthew then said: "I'm not actually attracted to Loz."
Fans were quick to react to the shocking revelation - especially given the couple's seemingly fairytale-like beginning.
Commenting on Lauren's Instagram, fans wrote messages in support of the make-up artist, mentioning their disappointment in how he had handled Lauren's outspoken plea for him to be more adventurous.
"Thanks, babe," Lauren wrote back to one supporter, "It is a real shame for sure after all I did for him to turn around and say that and not be a man and speak up to me in private about how he was feeling."
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Lauren spoke out on the matter via Instagram. (Image: Instagram / @laurenhuntress)
And she didn't stop there.
Writing back to another fan, she said the whole situation was completely unfair.
"I was nothing but supportive and caring of him. This entire story was @mattybgratefuls story. I'm sick of the excuses," she wrote, unafraid to tag him in the post.
"It's completely unfair. Apparently I don't matter. What can ya do."
Going by Lauren's outspokenness on the matter, it's a pretty safe bet that things aren't looking promising for this pair - but not before Matthew puts in his two cents worth.
WATCH: Lauren tells Matthew she used to be a lesbian. Story continues after video...
In an interview with Nine's Talking Married, Matthew said he regretted the way Lauren found out about his true feelings when she overheard his comments during the dinner party.
"That's not the way anyone should find out about that," he said.
And the Queenslander admitted his lack of experience in relationships was to blame.
"This is completely new territory for me, I've never been in a relationship before," he explained.
"Then I'm isolated with a woman and can't talk to anyone, so then I get a chance to vent and talk with the guys…" he trailed off.
But when asked how he felt when Lauren accused him of "using" her to lose his virginity, Matt was firm.
"It seemed a little weird, given my issues, my phobias, my anxieties, my fears, why would I put myself through this and get married on national television just to lose my virginity? Surely there are easier ways to do that," he said.
Some Twitter users also came to Matthew's defence after the explosive episode.
One Twitter user wrote: "Matt was bullied at school, treated poorly at home, lost a close friend as a teenager & lacks confidence. After having sex for the first time, Lauren suggests threesomes, swingers parties and wild sex which makes him uncomfortable. And yet Lauren thinks he took advantage?"
Another wrote: "Matt liked the original Lauren he met, not the new one. She started as supportive and nurturing, but hiding her true self from him. She's freaked the poor b*stard out."
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