Married At First Sight

Married At Sight viewers lose their minds over "Australia's hottest virgin", Matt

The 29-year-old virgin took his shirt off on MAFS last night, and honestly we're still recovering.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Let us introduce you to Australia's hottest virgin, Married At First Sight groom Matt Bennett.
On last night's episode of Channel Nine's juicy reality show, we met 29-year-old Matt from Queensland and his new bride, 31-year-old makeup artist Lauren Huntriss.
They were an adorable match - Matt even sung to Lauren at their reception - and warmed out hearts with their wholesome blossoming romance.
As Matt revealed at the beginning of the episode, he's still a virgin. Yep, he's 29 and he's never had sex.
Matt doesn't get out to socialise much, but he does love going to the gym and hiking. And boy, does it show.
As he and Lauren were getting ready to share a bed together during their first night as man and wife, viewers were treated to a delicious montage of Matt taking of his wedding suit and getting into his pyjamas - and honestly we're still recovering from the hotness.
Matt's body is absolutely shredded - and he can rock the hell out of a grey tank top.
Check out those guns!
Um, would you look at those biceps! (Image: Channel Nine)
All that hiking and time in the gym has well and truly paid off. (Image: Channel Nine)
Hottest. Virgin. Ever (Image: Channel Nine)
Viewers have dubbed Matt "Australia's hottest virgin" and weren't shy about showing their thirst for him on Twitter.
After their wedding, Matt worked up the courage to tell Lauren that's he's never had sex. And honestly, her reaction was perfect.
"For me, honesty is very important. I feel like there's something I want to tell you and something you should know about me," Matt told Lauren.
"I've sort of been on the fence about whether or not I should tell you because you know it's been weighing on me a bit, it's a big thing."
As you can expect, by this point Lauren's face had dropped and she was expecting the worst. But then Matt just came out with it, saying, "I'm actually still a virgin."
Her initial reaction? "Sh--".
Fair enough, too!
Lauren is an absolute sweetheart and was super understanding of Matt's virginity. (Image: Channel Nine)
But then she reassured Matt that she was in no way expecting to have sex on their (fake) wedding night.
"Honestly, in no way would I have ever expected to do that tonight," she said.
"I know it's a wedding and that's what people do, but to me, I want to get to know you on a deeper level, I want to be able to trust you and have a deeper connection before we do something like that.
WATCH: Matt reveals to Lauren that he's still a virgin
Matt was beyond nervous to tell Lauren that he's never had sex. (Image: Channel Nine)
"Thank you for sharing that. Honestly, honesty to me, that's what marriage is all about.
A good marriage is being open and honest, so thank you for sharing that.
We can't wait to see how this adorable couple's relationship unfolds - and hopefully we get a few more opportunities to see Matt with his shirt off!