Married At First Sight

He has a type! MAFS’ Matt Ridley has debuted a new girlfriend, and she looks very familiar

He's found love!

By Maddison Leach
Matt Ridley's stint on Married At First Sight's ninth season was certainly short, if not sweet.
The 39-year-old was paired with Kate Laidlaw, who simply wasn't interested and had no qualms about letting Matt know exactly how little she thought of their union.
But he won't be losing any sleep over his failed 'marriage' to Kate after debuting his new romance with another blonde bombshell this weekend.
Matt shared this photo with new girlfriend KJ White. (Image: Instagram)
The MAFS star stepped out with his new girlfriend, a flight attendant named KJ White, at The Shepherd Centre Gala Dinner in Sydney.
A whole host of other MAFS stars attended too, including notorious series "villain" Olivia Frazer and boyfriend Jackson Lonie, but Matt only had eyes for his new lady.
Who, might we add, shares a few similarities with his last flame; she and Kate both have long blonde hair, big doe eyes and slim athletic builds.
We guess Matt has a type!
Matt's last flame Kate had a similar look to his new misso. (Image: Ten)
He and KJ met in a much more normal setting than Matt and Kate, the reality star revealing they matched on a dating app in April and soon met up.
"Our first date was dinner and drinks, where the chat, banter and laughter was instant. It felt like we had met each other before," he told The Daily Mail.
But Matt confessed he actually tried to keep his MAFS past a secret from KJ, though we don't know how she didn't recognise him from the get-go.
Matt's last flame Kate had a similar look to his new misso. (Image: Instagram)
Oh wait… she totally did. The flight attended kept mum about her new man's reality TV background for a while though, only raising the issue after they'd been dating for a few weeks.
"Then one day KJ hit me with a few questions about relationships and marriage, and I was like, 'Um.. ah... well there's this thing!' And she started to giggle knowing I was stuttering with my answers," Matt confessed.
He added that KJ actually watched the show and knew exactly who he was – and who his ex-wife was – but chose to keep quite so as not to make him too uncomfortable.
Calling their relationship "new and exciting", Matt said they have the same values when it comes to family and children down the line… do we hear wedding bells again?
Probably not, to be honest. After his disastrous marriage to Kate on MAFS, we have a feeling Matt would be better off taking things slow this time around.
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