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Is Married at First Sight's Martha releasing a sex tape?

The reality star’s ready to up the raunch factor to stay relevant!

By NW team
If it's good enough for Kim...
In case you missed it, Martha Kalifatidis has a serious girl crush on Kim Kardashian. And who can blame her? After all, the NW-ette's have been obsessed with the reality star for years too!
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Of course, the real Kim's celeb status skyrocketed following the release of her sex tape with Ray J back in 2007.
Now, a source tells NW Martha should contemplate doing the same in order to really extend her 15 minutes of fame.
Say whaaat?!
"It worked for Kim, so it just might work for her!" dishes a source. "She's certainly not afraid to take her clothes off."
Could MAFS' Martha be releasing a sex tape? (Image: Instagram @marthaa__k)
The 30-year-old beauty has confessed she's a very sexual person, telling NW that "sex is a massive part of a relationship".
She's also joked about the twelve-hour sex marathons she and beau Michael Brunelli enjoy – and the saucy pair certainly aren't shy about flaunting their hot bods! Indeed, Martha regularly posts pics of the couple wearing next to nothing on Insta – and last week shared a racy pic featuring herself nude in the bath with her man's tight tooshy beside her!
"It wouldn't surprise me if they've recorded some stuff to go along with all those sexy photos. I mean who hasn't?" says the insider.
"In this day and age, if it slipped online... well, it might not be a bad thing!"
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It wouldn't be the first sex scandal to hit the MAFS franchise. Earlier this season footage of Nic Jovanovic receiving oral sex did the rounds, and Jess Power told NW she was contemplating filming herself with Dan Webb.
However, says another source, Martha and her primary school teacher boyfie aren't really the types to go that far.
Martha has drawn plenty of comparisons to Kimmy K! (Images: Channel Nine/Getty Images)
While Martha tells NW that her parents are "pretty open-minded" when it comes to her antics, the source insists, "She's happy to tease things on Instagram, but she'd never have full-blown sex on screen.
That would be a step too far, even for her."
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