Married At First Sight

Another day, another Photoshop oopsie! MAFS' Martha's embarrassing Instagram gaff

Go go gadget, extender arms!

By Anita Lyons
Married at First Sight's Martha Kalifatidis is currently enjoying a wonderful holiday in Cairns with boyfriend, Michael Brunelli.
And judging from their many Insta videos and stories - the pair is as loved up as ever, enjoying some pampering - and some epic photo shoots along the way.
Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Martha shared a STUNNING photograph of herself, holding on to a hanging tree, and staring seductively into the camera.
Captioning the post, she wrote: "Hands up if Michael should pick my look again tonight? @mbrunelli 🙋🏻‍♀️"
And although the photo itself was gorgeous - during the editing process, it seems that Martha had a slight mishap.
In fact, after a little Photoshop makeover, the 31-year-old developed an, ummm, extendable arm.
See the photo below!
Go go gadget, extender arms! (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
Indeed, while it was hard to take our eyes off Martha's flawless makeup (that teal eyeshadow though!), her left arm seemed to have grown and developed quite a nasty bend!
Her 283k fans were a little concerned by the mishap, with one comment reading: "Does this photo disturb you lol I can't put my finger on what it is but it just looks weird 😂".
"Your wrist looks so bendy? I'm so confused," another wrote.
And then there was this: "This photo confuses me so much, my eyes hurt!
WATCH NOW: Martha and Michael's final vows on MAFS. Story continues after the video.
While Martha had certainly developed go-go Gadget extender arms, her fans were also showing much concern for the tree she was holding on to.
"Be careful walking under that sis, riddled with bats 😅 nice pic tho 😝," one fan wrote.
"Bats roost in those trees, fyi," another said, and now we're a little frightened!
This wasn't the first time Martha has come under fire for her Insta posts.
In fact, back in June, Martha posted a very "cheeky" pic of her and Michael in a bathroom.
See the pic below
Cheeky indeed! (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
"Heard it was cold outside today..." Martha captioned the post - and imagine them showing this to their grand kids...
"OMG is that Michael's backside😂" one fan commented, while another said: "All I can think of is who took this raunchy photo?" And us, too!
However, the majority of the comments from Martha's fan base were positive, with one even going as far as referring to the post as a "work of art".
But mostly, people were just excited by Michael's peach perfect behind...
Meanwhile, the couple set tongues wagging (literally) again when Martha posted a photo of her and Bae making out with Michael's tongue sticking out.
"👋🏻 meet Mr. Brunelli..." she said, referring to the fact that he is a school teacher, and guys. NO.
When asked about these posts in a chat with Now to Love, Michael said.
"I'm not the one putting them up. Martha is," and valid point, Mr Brunelli!