Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Michael and Martha's surprise plans for their SECOND wedding

The couple are taking a different route for round two!

With its grand staircase entry, high ceiling and string of ornate chandeliers, Melbourne's iconic Regent Theatre was a fitting wedding venue for picture-perfect Married at First Sight couple Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis.
"It was truly such an amazing day," Michael tells Woman's Day.
"I felt sick the whole morning, but the minute I saw her, I was like, I've done the right thing coming here," he gushes.
It was love at first sight for the couple! (Image: Exclusive to Woman's Day/Phillip Castleton/bauersyndication.com.au)
And while the nuptials were breathtaking in every sense of the word, the loved-up MAFS stars reveal to Woman's Day that when it comes to their upcoming real-life wedding, they've got a grand vision of their own!
"I don't want 600 people there, whose names I don't all know," quips the 30-year-old makeup artist.
"I'm so grateful for our MAFS wedding, but it wasn't my fairytale."
The stylish bride goes on to explain that she's currently planning something a little more "groovy and super relaxed," with the best food and cocktails, no less.
To the shock of everyone at our exclusive Woman's Day photoshoot, the always fashion-forward Martha reveals she has no plans to make an outfit change on the day!
Martha and Michael have big plans ahead! (Image: Exclusive to Woman's Day/Phillip Castleton/bauersyndication.com.au)
"Look, I'm always stressed about my hair and makeup and my outfits. This is the one day I just want to be relaxed," she says.
"I want to enjoy the moment."
As for her handsome counterpart Michael, when it comes to their forthcoming nuptials, he's got his eyes on an intimate winery affair with a lush natural feel.
"Outdoors is where I spend most of my day, so it makes sense," says the 27-year-old sports teacher.
Selfie queen Martha agrees, but points out she'll need seriously great lighting wherever they wed!
WATCH: Michael and Martha dish on those dinner parties. Story continues after video...
As one of the most compatible couples in this year's tumultuous experiment, people have been quick to quiz them about their baby plans – and not just the fans!
"I can walk past a random child on the street and my mum is like, 'It suits you! You look so good with kids!'" Martha laughs.
"My entire family are married and have children, except for me. I'd definitely love to have kids, maybe one or two – nice and neat."
We might be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet soon! (Image: Exclusive to Woman's Day/Phillip Castleton/bauersyndication.com.au)
As for Michael, he's feeling pressure from his own mother as his brother is expecting a baby. "She's really looking forward to becoming a nonna," says Michael.
Martha says she and Michael are "having so much fun and enjoying what we have".

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