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Married at First Sight's Martha's expensive lifestyle revealed: "I'm high maintenance!"

Who's your daddy, Martha?

By NW team
Martha Kalifatidis makes no apologies for preferring the finer things in life.
"I am high-maintenance," she admits to NW – which is hardly a shock statement, considering all the Prada frocks and Louis Vuitton and Fendi handbags her wardrobe is bursting with.
However, eyebrows are now being raised as to how exactly Martha funds her Kardashian-esque lifestyle.
While the Bondi-based beauty worked as a make-up artist before her stint on this season's Married At First Sight, Martha has since given up her job.
"I'm not working, like, my parents are supporting me," the 30-year-old revealed to her MAFS pals last week – with Martha's father seemingly spoiling her with designer goods (see her comment below, right).
"Somehow [money] manages to find its way into my account."
Lucky girl!
Martha loves the finer things in life. (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
The reality star says that she's now too famous to return to the workforce.
"I did ask to go back to my old job which was at a retailer but they don't want me... it's too much of a liability for them as well."
And her MAFS "husband" Michael Brunelli, 28, has also reportedly quit his primary school teaching gig.
Now, some disgruntled viewers have concocted the crazy theory as to how Martha has really been paying for her lavish lifestyle.
"I think daddy helps out. And by daddy I don't mean her father, if you get my drift. And by daddy I don't mean just one, singular person, if you get my drift," wrote one nasty commenter online.
"There is no way she can live in Bondi with Louis Vuitton bags and Prada clothes on her job description," added another.And even more outlandish still: "I would not be surprised if she had private clients to afford the extras she clearly can't afford on a make-up artist's income."
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Yep, Martha certainly doesn't seem to be an ageist and has been spotted socialising with several older gentlemen.
In February, she was snapped hanging out with an elderly retired doctor, known only as Ivar, at Wally's Wine Bar in Beverly Hills.
"It's a well-known LA haunt for rich, older Russian men, and she's actually seen in there quite a lot – often alone!" says a source of Martha.
As for her older gentleman pal?
"He's a regular at the bar and is often in here five nights a week having a drink," says a staff member, who wishes to remain anonymous.
"Everyone knows he's very wealthy."
Michael and Martha on their wedding day. (Source: Channel 9)
But of course there's no suggestion that Martha's relationship with Ivar is anything more than platonic.
And according to a source close to the star, Martha's been rolling her eyes at the absolutely "absurd" claims about her "sugar daddy."
"She probably fully expected that the trolls would come out with this sort of thing when she mentioned her parents supporting her on the show," says a source.
"But she knows her true self and that's all that matters. She's not paying it any attention."
"I'm just not prepared to give any of my time to negativity," Martha admits to NW.
"I never have in my past in my life. I ignore it, so I'm not prepared to start now."
You tell 'em, girl!

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