Married At First Sight

MAFS' Martha releases ANOTHER NSFW Instagram post without Michael

It's a little bit cheeky...

By Anita Lyons
Former Married at First Sight bride, Martha Kalifatidis, has certainly been flaunting it on Instagram as of late.
In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a recent pic of the stunning brunette where she is not showing off her assets or using her Insta-fame for a subtle modelling shoot.
In her most recent post, Martha has shared a gorgeous selfie but the catch? Just check out what's going on in the mirror "behind" her.
Yup, in a very "cheeky" post, the reality TV star is showing off her derriere - channelling her inner Kimmy Kardashian. (Check out the picture below!)
"💉NEW VIDEO ALERT💉," Martha captioned the post. "Meet @hellodrface on my YouTube channel."
After checking out the video in her #linkinbio, we have ZERO idea why she needed to post this selfie - as it relates more to her getting "cheek filler" (the face one) and her "lips dissolved".
Martha's NSFW Insta post. (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
Her 282k followers had quite a bit to say with one fan commenting:
"Hey Martha I'm a huge fan. But I don't see u as a Kim K copycat. You're you. And that's the best part. 💖🔥"
While another one said: "Omg why are you love showing your arse 🙈🙈[sic]"
And then there was this: "You making a sex tape ?? One step away from Kim K wanna be [sic]" to which Martha responded: "Shut up you twit[sic]" Eeep!
WATCH NEXT: Martha chats to her doctor about dissolving her lips and getting cheek filler! Story continues...
Back in May, Martha posted another saucy pic, this time featuring her "hubby" Michael Brunelli's bare bum.
"Heard it was cold outside today..." Martha captioned the post at the time.
"OMG is that michael's backside😂" one fan commented, while another said: "All I can think of is who took this raunchy photo?" And us, too!
Surprisingly, majority of the comments from Martha's 272k fan base were positive, even going as far as referring to the post as a "work of art".
But mostly, people were just excited by Michael's peach perfect behind...
Well this is certainly very...cheeky. (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
Last week, Martha posted another photo to her Instagram while the pair were holidaying in Cairns.
And while it wasn't as racy as these two, it set tongues wagging for a different reason.
In the pic, Martha looks incredible, while holding on to a hanging tree (Yup!).
Captioning the post, she wrote: "Hands up if Michael should pick my look again tonight? @mbrunelli 🙋🏻‍♀️"
And although the photo itself was gorgeous - during the editing process, it seems that Martha had a slight mishap.
In fact, after a little Photoshop makeover, the 31-year-old developed an, ummm, extendable arm.
See the photo below!
Go go gadget, extender arms! (Source: Instagram/marthaa__k)
Indeed, while it was hard to take our eyes off Martha's flawless makeup (that teal eye shadow though!), her left arm seemed to have grown and developed quite a nasty bend!
Ooops! One thing's for sure, Martha and Michael sure know how to stay relevant!

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