Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Martha's traditional Greek Grandmother steals the spotlight

“And now I have to drink!”

By Tina Burke
Married At First Sight's Martha was matched with her dreamy new husband, Michael, in an episode that aired on Monday night. But, it was her adorable Greek Grandmother who really stole the show.
Early in the episode Martha revealed she comes from a "big Greek family" who "do not hold back" and "just say what they're thinking" and… she wasn't wrong.
The 30-year-old make-up artist revealed she was looking for love on MAFS in the hopes she would find the one, much like her Grandmother and Grandfather did when they had an arranged wedding.
"I think Married At First Sight would be very similar to the way my grandparents got married," Martha said. "It was an arranged-style marriage. Maybe they didn't love each other when they met but I can say absolutely that they love each other now, unconditionally. So I feel like with this experiment I'm hoping it might be like that for me."
Martha hopes an arranged marriage will work out well for her, much like it did for her grandparents (Image: Nine Network).
Martha broke the news to her family at dinner, telling the room: "I have an announcement, I'm getting married!"
As the table erupted with gasps and claps from her family, Martha's Grandmother called out in Greek "who is he?!"
She continued, "Is he Muslim? Turkish? Greek? Italian?"
When Martha explained she would be meeting her husband on the day of their wedding, her Grandmother said "Father forgive me!" and did the sign of the cross.
After explaining it was an arranged marriage - just like the one she had – Martha's Grandmother was willing to give her blessing.
"I'll leave it to say I love you and I'm happy, very happy. If you're happy, everybody's happy," she said, adding the oh-so-relatable "And now I have to drink!"
Later in the episode, on the morning of the wedding, Martha's Grandmother had the sweetest reaction to seeing her in a stunning white wedding dress.
"Martha, now even if I die I don't care because I've seen you as a bride," she laughed, with tears in her eyes.
The cutest Grandmother of all time? We think so! (Image: Nine Network).
It's no surprise that Married At First Sight viewers are obsessed with Martha's grandmother, with many sharing their love for the family matriarch on Twitter.
We hope to see more of this MAFS breakout star as the series continues! Perhaps Martha's Grandmother and Cyrell's mother could have their own spin-off series? Just a suggestion cough cough for the producers.
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network.

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