Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Lizzie Sobinoff stands her ground but wishes the best for Cyrell Paule

''I was in two minds to respond so publicly, but I wanted to stand my ground.''

By Anita Lyons
Married at First Sight's Elizabeth Sobinoff and Cyrell Paule were once besties.
The former cast-mates formed a very special bond on and off-camera, spending time together post-show and living the truest of #BFFgoals.
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But after a VERY public falling out earlier in the year, things seem to have only gotten worse for the former reality stars.
On Monday, their "feud" seemed to reach fever pitch when both women took to their respective social media channels, publicly outing one another for being "fake", for "bullying" and frankly, some pretty petty behaviour.
While we knew that they were embroiled in a massive fight, we never knew what caused it until Cyrell revealed that it was over a $3,000 nightclub appearance in Darwin.
According to Cyrell; she, Lizzie, Dan Webb and Billy Vincent were all set to appear at the club, but after a competing club asked Cyrell to do a solo appearance, it was promptly cancelled.
Lizzie took to her social media, and not only clapped back about the club appearance, but then claimed Cyrell and her boyfriend, Eden began as a publicity stunt.
In an interview with NW mag, Eden and Cyrell denied the claims that had been circulating for months.
"That's a laugh!" Cyrell said when asked about it.
"It was actually Telv Williams who started that rumour. He said Eden got paid $2,000 to hang out with me. He also leaked some messages about us, but it was all a lie."
"It's been four months," Eden added. "If I only got paid two grand to hang out with Cyrell, don't you think I'd have called it a day by now?!"
Married at First Sight's Lizzie and Cyrell are embroiled in a very public feud. (Source: Instagram/Lizzie Sobinoff)
In a Now to Love exclusive, Lizzie has spoken out about the argument and what prompted her to retaliate so publicly.
"I thought she and I were genuine and to find out all the things she was saying behind my back... there were a lot of tears yesterday," Lizzie revealed.
In fact, another cast member, Jessika Power, even shared some sensitive information with Lizzie.
"Jessika reached out to me and told me things that there was no way she could have known without Cyrell having told her," she said. "I think it was because I'm so hurt. It hurt me so much to think that someone I used to have such a close relationship with could speak so horribly about me.
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Lizzie said her decision to take the feud public was one of self preservation.
"I was in two minds to respond so publicly, but I wanted to stand my ground," she admitted. "I didn't want someone to paint a picture about me that's not true."
Referring to the club appearance and allegations that she were "fake", she said: "I don't even like to go out. Channel Nine didn't know what to do with me because I didn't want to do club appearances and then she goes around saying that I'm money hungry."
"That was really hard. I'm the least fake person you've ever met. It ripped me apart."
Lizzie also remained adamant about the claims that Cyrell and Eden are together for the publicity, saying: "I think they like each other now, but it was fabricated at first and I know I've touched a sore spot with her, because that's where the issues are coming from."
"I hope that they are [in a relationship]. I really want her to be her own person and move on from this drama."
The pair used to be inseparable. (Source: Instagram/Lizzie Sobinoff)
As the pair continue to air their dirty laundry out in public (just today Lizzie released text messages between her and Cyrell), Lizzie doesn't believe a reconciliation is possible.
When asked if they'd be friends again, Lizzie said simply: "No."
"[I think] The way that she has treated me has been so appalling but I will look back in fondness at the memories that we did have."
While the pain and anger they share is incredibly raw, Lizzie only wishes the best for her former friend.
"I genuinely hope she finds her way and lets go of all the negative people that are in her ear at the moment. I hope that she is eventually happy within herself."
"I hope she flourishes and one day is able to let go of insecurities and flourish as her own person, but there is no going forward with our relationship."
"I can't believe that I even replied to her, but 'enough is enough'."
Lizzie credits the multitudes of DMs she's getting in her inbox each day, knowing that she has a huge support system out there who have her back.
Wishing them both the best possible outcome!
Now to Love reached out to Cyrell who declined to comment.

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