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EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Lizzie hits back at trolls after revealing her SHOCKING past

''I felt abused, which has left behavioural patterns with me to this day.''

By Anita Lyons
When Married at First Sight first introduced us to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sobinoff, she was dubbed as "Australia's Most Confident Bride".
And while her personality is just that, there's a whole lot more to the 28-year-old than meets the eye - including a shocking past that has only now been revealed.
In a new interview with Beyond Beautiful, Lizzie opened up about experiencing a form of "sexual abuse" as a child.
Sharing the video to her Instagram on Thursday, she captioned the post: "I've been making constant decisions to talk about my personal life, my deep personal life, to encourage conversations amongst others. I run the risk of being ridiculed but if I can help someone, anyone out there. Best believe I will try my best to encourage these topics."
During the chat, Lizzie revealed that an innocent game of "Batman and Robin" when she was six, turned into something much more sinister.
"She used to take me up to my room, shut the door and touch me and want to kiss me," she revealed about a family friend who was also six at the time.
"I was just like, I hated it."
"I honestly hope everyone has the best weekend even the negative people of the insta world," Lizzie captioned this photo last week. (Source: Instagram/Elizabeth Sobinoff)
After posting the video on her Instagram account, Lizzie was inundated with support from her fans.
"So proud of you for speaking out beautiful, I admire you immensely. And I adore you ten fold. I see you baby," one wrote.
While another said: "Oh my. You are one strong women. You are so true and vulnerable. Thank you for being you. 😘"
But it was one particular comment from another fan, that left Lizzie feeling attacked and uncomfortable.
"I'm sure it's just kids being kids," the comment read. "Different if it was an adult. Sorry I just don't see why this is even an issue..Not sure...Just confused as all [sic]," they added.
Lizzie was having none of it, responding directly to the criticism and sharing the tense interaction on her page.
"Your comment is ignorant and scarring," Lizzie said. (Source: Instagram/Elizabeth Sobinoff)
"Seriously? People aren't allowed an opinion?" (Source: Instagram/Elizabeth Sobinoff)
In an exclusive interview with Now To Love, Lizzie explained why she chose to call out her critics.
"I'm not someone to always feed into some of the ignorant comments lefts on my social media," Lizzie told us.
"What I have always been about is beating stigmas. I've had some people say when I have spoken about something that has happened to me when I was six years of age, the other person involved was a child of six as well, that 'legally' a child of six does not know what they are doing," she said.
"I felt abused which has left behavioural patterns with me to this day
"I mentioned how I wanted to scrub myself clean and how it was the trigger point of me beginning to feel worthless which in my adolescence I begun to self mutilate."
Lizzie also said that people were "quick to address the snippet" on her Instagram and "did not watch the whole interview".
"To say I was not abused and basically laugh it off because the other was a child that my feelings were not justified. This is setting the tone that this is okay."
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Story continues after the video...
Lizzie is also aiming to bring to light the "huge issue" of trolling, which she experiences on a daily basis. Many other reality stars, including MAFS' Ines Basic and Martha Kalifatidis, have also expressed their concern about the damaging comments they receive on social media.
"Trolling is a huge issue which leads to suicidal or unhealthy behavioural ideals," she said.
"Someone said 'You could offend people by saying this because I don't consider this abuse' and do you know what my response is?
"'Do you not feel like you are offending myself or others who have suffered by saying that I shouldn't classify myself as feeling abused?'
"When putting myself out there and people throwing the 'attention seeking' comment at me, it's putting society back into the dark ages."
We're right behind you, Lizzie.