Married At First Sight

MAFS' Lauren fires back at Matthew: “Did you just use me to lose your virginity?”

In tonight’s heartbreaking episode Matthew told all the other men he “doesn’t find Lauren attractive” any more...

By Tina Burke
One of Married At First Sight's most rock-solid couples has hit breaking point, with Matthew and Lauren walking out of tonight's dinner party after a gut-wrenching confrontation.
Matthew, 29, arrived on the series still a virgin. He decided to have sex on his honeymoon calling Lauren "worth the wait" and saying it was "a beautiful moment". He described his decision to have sex for the first time as "more than I expected it to be" saying it was "amazing".
However, since then, Matthew has begun to withdraw from Lauren after she revealed she is more sexually adventurous than he is.
After telling Matthew she "used to be a lesbian," Lauren struggled to discuss her sexuality with Matthew because he "shut down" and wouldn't speak to her.
He pulled further away when she tried to discuss the topic again and – in an arguably poor decision – decided to "take the piss" and ask what he would think if she was "in to swinging."
The cracks began to show during Monday night's episode (Image: Nine Network).
Unable to communicate his feelings with Lauren, Matthew chose instead to talk to all of the men at the dinner party… while she sat just a few chairs away, perfectly within earshot.
"The more I learn about her the more I realise what completely different people we are," Matthew told the boys. "What happens if the reason I'm not able to show her the affection and the attention she wants is because I'm just not attracted to her?"
Uh oh.
"It shouldn't be an effort it should just come, it shouldn't have to be something I have to consciously think of and force myself to do," Matthew continued, oblivious to the fact that Lauren was sitting at the exact. same. table.
"Maybe that's why I'm feeling lost because I'm trying to force something that just isn't there. Like I have no urge to just rip her clothes off and throw her on the bed. I don't know there's just nothing there. I'm not actually attracted to Loz."
As the camera cut to Lauren, she muttered "what the f—k?"
Lauren, stunned from the comments she'd heard, asked the women at the table for advice. Cyrell told her to go and make sure she had heard Matthew correctly, so Lauren went to pull him aside.
"I just want to clear something up," she began. "Did I hear that correctly? That you're not attracted to me?"
"I think that's what the problem is," Matthew replied. "You want someone who has got their hands all over you all the time, and throw you on the bed, and you deserve that and I just don't get the urge for it. I'm not feeling the physical pull. I can't even put it into words."
Lauren then asked the question we're all wondering.
"Well why, Matt, why would you say that in front of - if that's how you're feeling talk to me don't talk to them," she said.
"But this is only something that I've just realised," he replied. "I've been feeling lost and unsure and completely gone. I was just sitting with this question and going what does it mean? Is it normal to have these feelings? I don't know. I'm so completely out of my depth in everything going on and I honestly don't know what's going on."
"I just feel a bit used Matt. Did you just use me to lose your virginity?" Lauren questioned him.
Lauren confronts Matthew about his comments (Image: Nine Network).
When Lauren asked if he had used her to lose his virginity, Matthew replied "no, not at all."
"So you obviously had to have some sort of attraction to want to have sex with me, that's why I kept saying to you I feel like I'm maybe too much," Lauren continued.
"I don't think it's that you're too much, I don't think I'm enough," Matthew explained. "I feel like the things you want from me - "
"I'm not asking you to change who you are," Lauren cut over him. "I'm just asking you to... I just want you to want to be all over me. That should come easily to someone who wants to be with someone."
"I so badly wanted to feel that and I just..." Matthew trailed.
"Don't say that, it's not going to make this any easier," Lauren said, walking away.
After returning to the table, a defeated Lauren recounted the news to the rest of the women at the table.
"I don't ask for much," she told the cameras. "I just ask for someone to love me."
It seems one of our favourite couples is heading for a break-up at the next commitment ceremony. Don't mind us, we're just over here crying in the corner.
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Married At First Sight continues Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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