Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Cam is left shocked over Jules’ lesbian lover

The hairdresser’s former flame was an unexpected guest at the engagement party.

They're engaged and proving to be one of Married At First Sight's most successful couples yet, but life after the show is proving to be more of an "experiment" than the reality TV juggernaut ever was for Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson – the pair have found themselves hit by another ex-lover scandal!
Throughout the 2019 season, there were whispers Jules had been involved in same-sex relationships in the past, but the salon manager's supposed former flames were never addressed on the show.
But speaking to Woman's Day, a source close to Jules reveals that one of her former girlfriends is back in her life – and Cam's said to be furious.
According to the insider, Cam, 35, was shocked to find out Sydney-based events manager Renee Schembri was invited to their engagement party without him knowing exactly who she was.
One of Jules' past relationships involved a woman named Renee Schembri (right). The pair started dating in the UK in 2007. (Image: Exclusive/ supplied)
Former flame: Renee was even invited to Jules and Cam's engagement party. (Image: Exclusive/supplied)
"He only knew her as an old friend of Jules," says the source.
"He had no idea this was her fling, and it didn't sit well with him. I think he would have just liked a heads-up!"
Another source close to Jules, 36, reveals she had dated women during her years living in the UK and eventually began seeing Renee in 2007. The pair are said to have met while Jules was working as a barber in London, and they hit it off immediately.
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Surprise! Cam had no idea who Renee was. (Image: @cammerchant/ Instagram)
The source explains the pair hooked up on-and-off for years, even attempting long distance when Renee moved back to Sydney.
"Jules fell hard for her, but it fizzled out," tells the source.
These days, Renee is in a committed long-term lesbian relationship, but it didn't mean Jules was leaving her off her engagement invitation list!
"She's remained good pals with Renee," says the source.

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