Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Jules' public meltdown

There were tears, beers and plenty of drama as the MAFS crew partied in Sydney's Double Bay.

She's rubbed shoulders with members of the British royal family.
But TV bride Jules Robinson was caught exhibiting some very unladylike behaviour while celebrating her 37th birthday with the MAFS cast last week.
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"It definitely looked like she may have indulged in a few too many. I actually thought she was going to topple over at one point," one patron at Double Bay hotspot Mrs Sippy told Woman's Day.
"She was letting her hair down big time!"
Jules was also seen getting into a war of words with her husband Cameron Merchant, 35.
Jules was looking rather worse for wear. (Image: Exclusive/Matrix)
"She was letting her hair down big time," our spy reveals. (Image: Exclusive/Matrix)
According to a spy, the irritated salon manager uttered a few choice words at Cam before she staggered out of the venue.
Jules and Cam's heated night out comes as the two had their first onscreen squabble during last week's home visit. Jules' seemingly concealed competitive streak flared up during a day out clay target shooting with Cam.
'I'll pretend I'm shooting him right now," she sneered, as things started getting tense.
"I'm not impressed at all – I've had enough of you today."
As Jules stumbled out on the arm of another man, Cam was quick to step in. (Image: Exclusive/Matrix)
Is the fairytale that is Cam and Jules about to come crashing down? (Image: Exclusive/Matrix)

Cyrell makes a move on Cam!

Adding insult to injury for Jules, a newly-single Cyrell planted a boozy kiss on Cam right in front of her!
A fellow party-goer tells Woman's Day that Jules was left seriously irritated by "Cyclone Cyrell's" gutsy move.
Cyrell wasn't afraid to cosy up to Cam right in front of Jules. (Image: Exclusive/Matrix)
And the look on the flame-haired siren's face says it all. (Image: Exclusive/Matrix)
"She was not happy! Given the drama on the show, she's very cautious and protective of Cam," the insider reveals. "She keeps him on a tight leash."
Cyrell was later spotted exiting the venue looking downcast and intoxicated, leaving guests to wonder if the two brides had shared words privately.

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