Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Jono Pitman admits he's frustrated Clare Verrall keeps dredging up their MAFS past

''I lived in a living hell for two years''

By Anita Lyons
It's no secret that Married at First Sight alum Jono Pitman and Clare Verrall had a tumultuous relationship during their stint on the show and it's also no secret that their series aired approximately three years ago.
But for Clare, it seems, her world has continued to crash down around her and according to her, it's all due to her four-week stint on the show.
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For years, Clare has slammed the show for the treatment of its participants and the effect it has had on her mental health.
And now, in a new tell-all interview with Channel Seven's Sunday Night, Clare is telling her story once again - and this time, claiming that "someone will die" as a result of the show.
"I didn't sign up to have my life completely ripped to shreds," she tells the cameras. "Someone was going to die. That someone was very nearly me."
While it's apparent that being on a reality show has affected her greatly, what about her former husband and co-star Jono Pitman?
Jono Pitman and Clare Verrall on the set of Season Two's Married at First Sight. (Source: Channel 9)
In an exclusive interview with Now to Love, Jono has opened up about how the constant re-hash of their experience on the show has affected his life, especially now that he has "turned a massive page" and left that MAFS life behind.
"The most annoying thing of it all is that every single time Clare Verrall is mentioned, my name gets mentioned alongside hers and that's because of the situation we were put in," he admitted.
"So, that's just how it is and I can't do anything about that and I just have to live with that. But again, it's frustrating because I just can't understand why she just can't get along with her life like everybody else has.
"For me, because I have such an amazing partner who I'm head-over-heels for and a son on the way, it's not even relevant to me when she starts talking to me."
Back in January, Jono and his girlfriend, Rebecca Pattison, announced they were expecting a baby boy and for the pool construction worker, the reality show was a lifetime ago.
And baby makes three! Jono and his partner Bec are expecting their first child together. (Image: Jono Pitman Instagram)
Jono spent two weeks of his life with Clare, and admitted that during that time, they knew it was never going to work.
"I made it clear that I didn't want to continue after coming back from the honeymoon," he said. "It wasn't just Clare, it was the whole atmosphere of having cameras in my face and being told what to do by the cameras.
"She convinced me to do it because she was like, 'look, we have to do this, we have to get along and we have to be a couple that looks like we get along on TV because this could potentially be something for us in the future, like a career in the media'. I told her that I didn't want to f----ing do that and that's where we broke down.
"That's where it came down to the editing."
The pair would argue and as Jono put it, was "made to look aggressive" because I didn't want to be there. I wasn't angry at her and I wasn't angry at the situation. I didn't appreciate the way the cameras or the producers treated me."
Jono then revealed that Clare "claimed that she was looking for love" and that she "wanted to be set up with her perfect match" but it was not the reality.
"She was the one looking for fame, I wasn't. I was genuinely looking to find love. But I realise now I wasn't ready for it and even if I was, it wouldn't have been with her."
Jono and Clare on their wedding day during MAFS. (Source: Channel 9)
Even though he's ready for Clare to stop talking about their experience, he does agree with her on one thing.
"I think that she has a valid point with someone not being able to put up with the reality TV scrutiny as such," he said.
"I think when you get sold to go on reality TV, and that's what happens, you get sold 'the dream' to go on, they don't disclose everything else that comes with it. If you're 50% of people that are going to be portrayed as a villain, they don't explain to you what the downfall of all of that's going to be.
"I lived in a living hell for two years."