Married At First Sight

MAFS' Jessika Power and Nick Furphy are dating in the newest round of TV Tinder and are there no other fish in the sea?

Honestly, we cannot keep up!

By Anita Lyons
In another riveting round of reality TV Tinder, Married at First Sight alum Jessika Power and Nick Furphy have become an item.
While this pairing is hardly surprising, considering Jessika has had a slew of matches with other participants in the past, it seems not everybody is on board.
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jessika confirmed she was "seeing" her new beau, but that their romance was "still new".
"At the moment it's very new for both of us," she told the outlet.
"A lot of people are weighing in on this, especially Nick's best friend, Telv [Williams], however we are not allowing people's opinions to hurt this.
"We are just seeing how it goes. He's in Melbourne and I'm on the Gold Coast but we Face time every day on the phone." Sounds like true love to us!
Nick Furphy and Jessika Power are now a "thing". (Source: Instagram/Jessika Power)
Not one to shy away from the spotlight either, Nick has also confirmed the news to the same publication.
"People won't be happy with this relationship but it has nothing to do with them," he admitted and then went on to say that "Jess has grown so much after the show. Don't always believe what you watch on TV."
"I'm looking forward to it," he then added. Looking forward to it? Where not quite sure what "it" is but good for them!
WATCH BELOW: Jessika Power hopes that her daughters never watch MAFS'.
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Of course, there are already haters - including Nick's on-screen MAFS' wife - Shannon "Shazzi" Marsh - whom he was in a "real" relationship with until they split in July 2017.
Taking to her Instagram, she captioned a since deleted post: "I believe you are a representation of who you hang around. Choose your friends wisely." Ooft!
Taking it as a personal attack, Nick commented with: "And who are you referring too [sic]?"
To which she replied: "my moto as a general feel" and honestly, we are LIVING for this petty drama!
Nick Furphy and his ex, Shannon Marsh. (Source: Channel 9)
To add to this tangled web of MAFS' romances, a former cast member who was also linked to Jess, Telv Williams, commented on Shazzi's post.
"@shazzimarsh preach," he wrote.
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Telv spoke out about the relationship.
"Good luck to them, they really deserve each other. A has been and a never was, perfect match," he said and O.U.C.H.
According to reports, Telv and Nick are on the outs now that Jess and Nick are a thing... and someone hand us the popcorn because this is just too good!

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