Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Is Jessika Power the biggest husband stealer in MAFS history?

Jessika tried it on with not one but four grooms!

Jessika was declared "the new Davina Rankin" before the series had even started airing, but if the rumour mill is to be believed, the blonde bombshell eclipses Davina's husband-stealing antics by a country mile.
The 27-year-old part-time model reportedly gets close to three other grooms, including yet-to-be-introduced intruder Dan, after things start fizzling with her husband Mick, 31.
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"It was pretty much turned into Love Island with her," reveals one source.
According to the source, while Jessika genuinely finds some parts of Mick's personality charming, she didn't see them being a long-term prospect.
The first groom to catch Jess' attention is Nic.
Our insider claims the pair started flirting with one another almost immediately, and developed a close relationship behind Nic's wife Cyrell's back.
"Jessika is like a siren," says an insider. (Images: Channel Nine and Instagram)
"Some of the brides noticed it and made comments about it. There was even a crazy rumour going around that they wanted to hook up in the elevator of their apartment block," dishes our spy.
We're told Nic, 27, ultimately decided against pursuing a couple swap with Jessika.
However, by then she already started "making eyes" at Mike.
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With his own marriage to Heidi resembling something of a rollercoaster, Mike, 43, has openly admitted to finding Jessika attractive.During the first dinner party, he gushed, "I like Jessika… I find her a really attractive young girl."
Whether an official couple swap happens remains to be seen.
Jess reportedly also got close with intruder Dan. (Images: Instagram)
"Jessika's always been popular with guys. And when she sees someone she likes, she usually gets them," says a second source.
"It doesn't matter if they're married, taken or single... guys just can't seem to keep away from her."

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