Married At First Sight

Jessika and Ines claim that Married At First Sight is not as real as you think it is

''It isn't real life, it's TV''

By Anita Lyons
Clinging on to their five minutes of fame just that little bit longer, Married at First Sight's Jessika Power and Ines Basic have come out swinging at the show that made them famous.
In a brand new interview, the pair now claim that the hit Channel Nine show was not as real as one first thought - and, duh!
In the chat with Maxim Australia, Jessica revealed: "The public think it's gospel and everything that happens on the show is real," while adding: "It isn't real life, it's TV."
Ines also weighed in on the conversation agreed with her co-star.
"I don't watch reality TV so I never knew much about it, but you may as well be contracted as an actor." Ouch.
When the cast list for the 2019 season was first revealed, a staggering eight contestants were outed as having acting pasts.
Ines and Jessika were by far the most controversial on MAFS. (Source: Instagram/Innnes)
The most notable, of course, was Dino Hira, who had a stint on First Dates Australia.
During his time on First Dates, Dino tried hard to show his date all of these different elements that make up his life, but he may have been trying a little too hard on the memorable date.
He brought along his Mr Australasia trophy, he tried to teach his date about "gratitude salt", and he awkwardly grabbed her hands for way too long in an effort to better connect.
He also asked her to dance (in the silent restaurant, with no music playing) and asked if she liked cuddling during one particularly quiet moment.
For Kahla, his blind date, Dino's excitement and unique first impression turned out to be too much...
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The MAFS contestant also appeared in an ad for glasses company Speqs in 2017 with Jess.
The pair look every bit the "regular joe" couple while modelling the glasses - a far cry from anything they did with the show that made them famous.
Dino Hira and Jessika Power were in an ad for Speqs. (Source: Supplied/Instagram Dino Hira)
Another contestant who tried his hand at "acting" before heading to the show was Sam Ball, by far one of the most controversial grooms to this day.
During the season, it was revealed by TV WEEK that Sam Ball has previously appeared on Home and Away.
Sam made his cameo as a river boy in January 2018, even donning the iconic "Blood and Sand" tattoo in his role.
Home and Away fans will remember that one of the main plotlines in early 2018 was the death of Kat (Pia Miller). Her grieving partner Ash (George Mason) was looking to track down her "killer" Robbo (Jake Ryan) and sought the help of the river boys.
When Dean (Patrick O'Connor) showed up to Kat's funeral with a gang of river boys in tow, Sam played one of the shirtless thugs, complete with VERY slicked hair and his trademark smug expression.
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Honestly, who is shocked? No one.
After all, MAFS is a TV show and it attracts people who want to be on television.
So, it's no surprise it's not as real as we think.

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