Married At First Sight

Meet Rhyce Power, Jessika's hot brother from Married At First Sight

The best thing to come out of MAFS this year is this sexy, tattooed hunk! Why wasn't he one of the grooms?!

By Rebecca Sullivan
The breakout star of Married At First Sight's brand new season is not one of the official participants, but the smoking hot brother of bride Jessika, Rhyce Power.
The sexy, tatted-up hunk sent the nation's thirst into overdrive last night, when he made his debut on the Channel Nine reality show.
While some viewers expressed concern over how aggressively protective he is of Jessika, others couldn't get enough of Rhyce's bad boy looks and attitude - he's already been dubbed #HotFelon by some hot and heavy fans online.
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"Can we take a hot minute and talk about Jessika's INSANELY HOT BROTHER RHYCE. WHAT IS HAPPENING AND IS HE SINGLE?" wrote one fan on Twitter.
"Someone give Rhyce a modelling contract #hotfelon," another person wrote, while a third viewer said: "How good looking is Rhyce from #MAFS?!"
Others were begging for Rhyce to be given more airtime on the show.
"Omg Rhyce please grace our screens more!" wrote a thirsy fan. "Rhyce could totally be the face of a CK underwear commercial!" said another.
Rhyce's Instagram following jumped from 1,371 on Tuesday afternoon to over 22,000 after his appearance on MAFS later in the evening.
And he certainly isn't upset about the attention, even sharing screenshots of the thirsty media coverage on his Instagram stories.
"Well that went from 0 to 100 real quick," he posted on Instagram.
Dammmmn. (Image: Channel Nine)
You're welcome. (Image: Channel Nine)
Rhyce, who is based in Melbourne, is a trained carpenter, but also works as a male stripper "on the side" for the Magic Men Australia agency.
"I am a carpenter. But yes, I do that [stripping] on the side," Rhyce told The Daily Mail.
Rhyce is featured in numerous photos on the agency's Facebook page and a status shared by Magic Men on Tuesday night read: "So who watched MAFS tonight? You may recognise one of our newest Magic Men. What do you think ladies?"
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So in the spirit of stoking the nation's fiery thirst for Rhyce, here we bring you some of his dreamiest Instagram snaps.
You can thank us later!
Ummm hello. (Image: Instagram)
Like is he actually for real?! (Image: Instagram)
Please, keep that shirt off! (Image: Instagram)
I mean, the abs are insane! (Image: Instagram)
Yummmmyy. (Image: Instagram)
Pictured here with Jessika (right) and a friend. (Image: Instagram)
Posing up a storm with Jessika (Image: Instagram)