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EXCLUSIVE PICS: MAFS' Hayley Vernon and Jessika Power do body shots off a male stripper during wild night out

They were the life of the party!

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Hayley Vernon has caused quite a stir during this season of Married At First Sight, thanks to her rocky marriage to David Cannon, rumours of flirtations with another groom and just generally being painted as this year's 'villain'.
Now the fiery bride, 32, has been finding comfort in her friendship with former MAFS contestant Jessika Power, 28, who have bonded over their villainous reputation!
The girls, who were spotted on a boozy night out at Magic Men strip club in Melbourne on January 31, were seen taking photos with the show's male strippers and doing body shots.
"They were clearly a little worse for wear and a little out of control," an onlooker reveals.
"They would've had about 10 to 15 shots each!"
Woah! Things got hectic, fast... (Media Mode)
According to another club-goer, Hayley wasn't shy when it came to getting handsy with the dancers either.
"At one point, Hayley straddled one dancer as he laid back on a table," the source adds.
"She later ran her hands down the male stripper's body and attempted to go in for a kiss on the lips, but he moved and she got his cheek."
Hayley's groom David was reportedly nowhere in sight. (Channel Nine)
With Hayley's groom David Cannon, 31, nowhere in sight, fans of the show were left fearing their struggling marriage was all but over.
If this wild girls' night out is anything to go by, they could be right.
"Hayley and Jess were having a great time together – with no guys in sight," an onlooker adds.
Watch out, Dave!

Jess' Bachie boyfriend?

Wild night aside, it looks like we might just have another reality TV romance!
Jessika was also pictured with former Bachelorette star Ciarran Stott during an intimate night out.
An onlooker revealed: "The pair were super-flirty and couldn't keep their hands off each other."
Have we got another reality TV romance on our hands? (Instagram)

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