Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Nine Network reveals the real reason MAFS love experts didn’t expose Jessika and Dan

So THIS is why they didn't spill the tea...

By Tina Burke
Fans were left furious over Sunday night's episode of Married At First Sight, which proved once and for all that the show's love experts CAN comment on dinner party footage when talking to participants.
Last week, the experts did not expose Jessika for propositioning Nic. This week, they mentioned nothing about her flirtation with Dan. As a result, fans were left wondering if the experts are actually even allowed to speak about dinner party footage. Until now.
During Sunday's episode, expert Mel Schilling interrupted Heidi and Mike's bickering to comment on something she had seen at the dinner party.
"I made an observation last night, you were at the dinner party and you were sharing with your friends…" Mel said, though there's no point in us going in to the details of her intervention because the only reason we care is that it PROVES intervention is allowed.
Sorry, Heidi and Mike, but no one cares.
Love experts Mel Schilling, Dr Trisha Stratford and John Aiken CAN intervene...
Though the experts did bring up dinner party drama when counselling Heidi and Mike, they failed to do the same when Jessika and Mick sat down on the couch.
As Mick – and other members of the group - questioned Jessika's intentions in writing down 'stay,' the experts remained tight-lipped.
It's safe to say that viewers were less-than-thrilled.
Viewers have called on Nine to explain why they are allowing Jessika and Dan to continue this 'affair' instead of exposing the truth to Mick and Tamara. After all, the experts are clearly allowed to bring up the various activities and conversations they've seen at the dinner party, right?
"The expert's role on the show is to match the couples, observe the dinner parties and run the commitment ceremonies," a Nine spokesperson tells TV WEEK. "They are not made privy to incidents with couples that happen outside of these events.
"At the dinner parties they only observe action in the dining room - not in the more private breakaway areas where participants sometimes go for personal chats.
"So, as was the case with Ines and Sam, they don't comment on the secret liaisons between Jess & Dan because they haven't seen them."
Jessika is making her husband, Mick, stay for another week.
According to the network, the reason the experts haven't exposed Jessika and Dan is because they don't know about the kiss.
But, though they may not have seen Jessika and Dan's kiss, they certainly saw them flirt and leave the room. They also watched on – and shared plenty of commentary – about Jessika propositioning Nic (which happened in one of the secret breakaway rooms).
Here's hoping the next time Jessika and Dan decide to kiss it's literally right in front of the entire dinner party, because viewers would love nothing more than to see the experts confront the cheating participants.
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Nine Network.

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