Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Did this moment prove Jessika and Dan's relationship is fake?

Sam and Ines 2.0?

By Alex Lilly
Their affair may be out in the open, but Married At First Sight's Jessika and Dan's relationship is hardly the romantic one we're all rooting for.
And after Tuesday night's episode, we have a feeling the whole relationship might just be for show, after an awkward interaction showed how they are on very different pages.
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After we were forced to watch the two consummate their relationship (guys, they were making love not having sex), Jessika and Dan continued to show how "loved-up" they were while preparing lunch.
It's safe to say Jess is one smitten kitten when she gushed about living with her new man.
"It's so nice to have someone else that's helping around the house and like actually invested in doing things with me," she told her new hubby.
"I like this stuff, plus I like you just a little bit," Dan replied.
But when Jessika quizzed him about falling in love with her and confirmed that she was head over heels for Dan, the 35 year-old car broker's response made us all cringe. Watch it in the player above if you don't believe us.
Jessika seems to be a lot more invested than her new man. (Image: Channel Nine)
"At the moment I'm not there," he confessed to the camera. "Who knows."
If that wasn't painful enough, we were forced to watch Dan try and distract her with a kiss and declaration of, "I like you" before he whisked her off to the bedroom. Hardly a love story for the ages.
This is just another clue that makes us think the whole relationship is a clever ploy from the producers, as even Jess and Dan's fellow contestants don't believe their relationship is a sure thing.
When asked about it by E! News, Jules declared, "One hundred per cent not. I don't think it's real at all."
"Do I think it's going to last? No I don't. Are they together? I have no idea. I'm not friends with them."
We're not convinced this is going to last. (Image: Channel Nine)
Their sexual chemistry may have been there from the get-go, but back when they were sneaking off together at dinner parties, there was another sign the 'relationship' was all for show.
Jess and Dan's clandestine meeting reportedly took place in the smoking area of the dinner party warehouse, just downstairs from their fellow dinner party guests.
In fact, their romantic spot could be seen from most windows, meaning all their co-stars had to do was glance down to discover their secret romance. Not exactly a secret location...
WATCH: Jess and Dan leave the party to be alone. Post continues...
Still with us? Well there's one more bit of proof.
You may recall when Jess was seen getting very cosy with another reality star by the name of Eden Dally. Yes the Love Island guy who looks a lot like Dan.
Now Eden's friend and former MAFS star Dean Wells claims Jessika cheated on Dan with Eden, shortly after the show wrapped up filming.
Taking to his Instagram stories on Monday night, Dean shared a photo of Jessika captioning it, "Jess: I wanna live with Dan after the show. 1 week later, hooks up with @dallyeden 😂 😂"
Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next...
Are Jess and Dan the real deal? Dean Wells doesn't think so. (Image: Instagram @deanwells)