Married At First Sight

Twitter is losing it over that cringe-worthy "I Love You" moment on MAFS

“I just flicked over for the best, most awkward 3 minutes of TV I've ever seen!”

By Tina Burke
In cringe-worthy scenes on Married At First Sight on Wednesday night, Jessika Power told her boyfriend Dan Webb that she was in love with him... for the very first time, in a room filled with other couples who somewhat despise them.
The uncomfortable moment came about thanks to questions from the Honesty Box, which was brought out during the final dinner party to put EXTRA pressure on to the couples in the "pressure-cooker" experiment.
Asking Jessika "How serious and genuine are you about me?" Dan got more than he bargained for when his partner giggled and replied, "I'm definitley in love with you."
"In love with me? Really?" Dan replied, adding the instantly meme-worthy, "That's nice."
Dan looked... surprised.
Turning the tables on Dan, Jessika asked "Do you love me?"
Dan then sat in complete SILENCE for a lengthy period of time, tilting his head back in contemplation.
"Um... I think I do," he replied.
"You think you do, or you know you do?" she asked again.
"I do," he replied, never actually saying those three magic words.
Ahh, yes. Dan looks like a man in love.
Naturally, the show's very vocal Twitter audience had a field day with the uncomfortable moment...
Although, Twitter wasn't the only place to see hilarious reactions to the awkward conversation.
The show's own love experts - Mel Schilling, Dr. Trisha Stratford and John Aiken - were all gobsmacked by Jessika's public declaration of love.
"OH! Woah, woah, woah, that's fast Jess," said John, gasping and sitting back in his chair. "She's just dropped the L bomb after a week, is he going to be able to cope with that?"
"He looks startled!" added Mel.
The experts' shocked reactions were hilarious.
Later, when Dan claimed he also loved Jess the experts said their relationship seems a little "uneven." At least the fans and the love experts can all agree on something for once!
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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