Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Ines begs Sam 'I want you back'

The MAFS star is still, ahem, horny for her ex bed buddy!

Ines Basic apparently has an itch that only Sam Ball can scratch. Not only has the Married At First Sight bride forgiven the hunky tradie for dumping and ghosting her following their affair, but NW can reveal she's begging him for a second chance at romance!
A source close to Ines, 28, tells us that the star-crossed lovers have been exchanging messages over the past few weeks and were even planning to meet up in real life. Talk about a plot twist!
"Ines asked a mutual friend to suss out if Sam would be open to meeting up with her to get closure," the source divulges.
"And she admitted if the opportunity was there to get back with him, she would do it in a heartbeat! That was a total shock to everyone!"
But apparently Ines' candid confession came as the biggest shock to Sam himself.
"He thought the friend was pulling his leg, considering what had gone down the last time they saw each other," the source dishes.
"But with enough convincing he eventually agreed and they ended up exchanging a few texts and it just escalated from there."
Ines and Sam have been exchanging messages over the past few weeks! (Images: Instagram @who_is_samm/@innnnnnes)
Things were reportedly going so well that Sam, 26, and Ines planned to catch up when she was in Sydney for a recent event. However, it didn't play out the way she'd hoped...
"Sam told her to come over to his apartment so they could talk in private. Ines was gushing to all her friends about their upcoming 'date', however on the day he stopped replying to her messages and wouldn't answer any of her calls," the friend reveals. "It was literally a case of déjà vu!"
After being brutally dumped for a second time, Ines was reportedly left "totally distraught".
Ines was left "totally distraught" after being dumped for a second time. (Image: Channel Nine)
Still, despite the double heartbreak Ines is still clutching onto the idea of rekindling her romance with Sam some day in the future. So much so, that she has decided to take matters into her own hands by trying to orchestrate a serendipitous run-in with Sam, since she can't get him to see her on his own terms.
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"She's been asking her manager if he will be attending the events she's going to in the hope of bumping into him. She thinks that if he sees her in person, he'll realise he made a mistake and remember all their good times between the sheets," a source says.
Indeed, Ines herself recently admitted, "There's a part of me that would like to bump into him, especially now that we're out of that controlled environment."
While that's all well and good, friends close to the star fear Sam may suck her back in with his charming ways and spit her out again quicker than he did the first and second times.
"It's like Sam has this pull over her. She just can't seem to get the idea of being with him out of her head, no matter how bad he treats her – even though everyone else reckons he's a total player."

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