Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight's Ines takes ZERO responsibility for her behaviour and why are we not surprised?

The look on expert John Aiken's face says it all really...

By Anita Lyons
As we hurtle into week three of the Married at First Sight experiment, it's clear that we have a front-runner for the most polarising participant.
Ines Basic, the 28-year-old legal assistant from Queensland has certainly become the most talked-about bride on the show, leaving behind this year's cast (and let's face it, the previous) in her wake.
If we're not talking about her absurd ability to offend everyone with everything that comes out of her mouth, or the hotly-anticipated mischievous couple swapping with Elizabeth Sobinoff's partner, Sam Ball - it's her complete lack of self-awareness from her couple's counselling session with Bronson Norrish that is really setting tongues a-waggin'.
On Monday's episode, in the aftermath of Bronson's shock decision to "stay" on Sunday's commitment ceremony, the experts run a therapy session between the troubled couple.
While both said A LOT of things in the heat of the moment, Bronson took the high road and eventually apologised to his wife for using explicit language to express his feelings.
Ines and Bronson are subjected to a couple's counselling therapy session. (Source: Channel 9)
For Ines on the other hand, it was a whole other story.
In fact, the most shocking thing about the entire scene, was Ines' inability to have any self-awareness or remorse whatsoever.
"How did you feel about your behaviour?" John asked the Queensland local after her husband had apologised.
"Yeah, I mean it all happened so fast? Like, I don't even think I was conscious at the time," she responded.
"Is there anything that you think you might have been responsible for because of the way it went down, because it got pretty ugly," John prompted.
Seemingly a little confused, Ines asked: "Responsible for….? With Bronson?" and then added, "No...".
Ummm, sorry, what? Was Ines there for anything or was she really "unconscious"?
"I don't regret anything… I'm honestly just finding it really hard to empathise with this situation because I feel a lot of it was Bronson's doing. He needs to be more responsible for his actions," and excuse us while we pass out from absolute shock.
John Aiken is a little, well, horrified. (Source: Channel 9)
While the spitfire is absolutely shocking, it's Ines' complete inability to have any awareness for how her behaviour affects others that is truly worrying.
Here we are presented with a "character" of someone who outwardly bullies another person on national TV, and she has no idea that it's predominantly her behaviour impacting her "husband's" well-bring.
Now before anyone jumps up and down and says: "Producers! Editing! Reality TV", we need to remind ourselves that the producers did not put these words into Ines' mouth.
So when John asks her why she isn't apologising to her husband, her response is absolutely gob smacking.
"I'm not the type to say sorry unless I feel genuinely sorry," she said.
"I'm not just going to say sorry just so we can get passed it. It would be lying to Bronson."
And unfortunately, we cannot fault her honesty but the fact she can't do any self-reflection is a worrying indication of her emotional maturity.
Ines talks about her past. (Source: Channel 9)
John then brings the conversation back to Ines' troubled past. But does it really give her permission to behave this way?
"I'd never really had a strong family so I've always had to rely on myself to get through anything. I never had emotional support," she explained.
"I always just felt I had to protect myself. It's hard work having to protect myself all the time."
In fact, just like week Martha told Now to Love in an exclusive interview that deep down Ines "is the sweetest, most caring and beautiful girl," however, we just haven't been shown this side yet.
While we absolutely cannot comment on her life and the difficulties she's faced, one thing's for sure, her behaviour feels completely unacceptable.
So when we see her say: "I need some fun and some laughter, like I'm one of those people that laugh at everything, so I think we just need to have fun," we have to try and believe her.
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