Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s Ines Basic posts a raunchy new topless snap and WOAH

At least she isn’t telling you to show it to your dad this time…

By Erin Doyle
Married At First Sight villain Ines Basic is no stranger to controversy.
And on Tuesday, the out-there reality star was at it again as she posted a raunchy topless selfie.
Ines was barely recognisable in the photo, with filters making her look very different to how she appeared on the hit Channel Nine reality show.
In the racy snap, the raven-haired beauty barely covered her modesty with a tiny vest and gave a sultry gaze to the camera.
Despite the steamy shot, Ines wrote in the caption: "What? I'm going rock climbing."
Fans were quick to flood the comments section to express their outrage, with one ranting "Does anyone is this generation know what clothes are."
Another angry fan raged: "PUT SOME CLOTHES ON"
Meanwhile, one baffled follower added: "This post makes zero sense….."
However, Ines also had fans leaping to her defence after a string of negative comments.
"Why are there so many haters on the MAFS, if you don't like what you see or how they look simply un- follow as it's their choice what they post ?" one person wrote, while other complimented her physical appearance.
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"What? I'm going rock climbing" Ines captioned the racy shot. (Image: @innnnnnes/ Instagram)
Ines sported a very different look on MAFS. (Image: Channel Nine)
Just two months ago, Ines came under fire for a similarly racy image, when she shared a suggestive picture of herself posing on a bed while lifting her shirt to expose her bare stomach.
But it was the words written alongside it that really ruffled feathers.
"Show your dad this. Guarantee you he wanna see it," she daringly penned.
Ines received backlash for the post but defended herself in the wake of the outrage at the time.
"I'm really confused as to why it's 'inappropriate' for a women to express her sexuality?! Lol. Is this not my body? Do I not live in it? Lol," she wrote.
"Why do we all love @badgirlriri give her praise, and respect for embracing her sexuality and being comfortable in her own skin? Is it because my platform & voice isn't as large? Or is it because you are threatened [sic]."
Still, there was no reason to drag our parents into this hot mess!
This suggestion didn't go down too well with Ines' followers. (Image: @innnnnnes/ Instagram)

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