Married At First Sight

Are Ines Basic and Nic Jovanovic the next Married At First Sight crossover couple?

This saucy Instagram gave us a red hot clue.

Married At First Sight may be over for 2019 but the drama just keeps on coming with this year's contestants!
Taking to her Instagram stories, Ines Basic shared a very saucy snap with one of her former co-stars and now we're wondering if yet another couple swap is on the horizon!
In a now deleted Instagram story, 29 year-old Ines shared a mirror selfie with MAFS groom Nic Jovanovic sitting and smiling in the background at what appears to be a photo shoot.
The cheeky snap is captioned, "Can't wait to get naked with you babe @nicccj."
Let's hope Cyclone Cyrell doesn't find out or she could hit the roof!
"Can't wait to get naked with you babe." (Image: Instagram @innnnnnes)
Since neither Ines or Nic have dropped any other clues this could be a big prank but according to the legal adviser, there was even more couple swapping going on behind the scenes that we didn't even know about.
"I'm not going to name drop but I did get offers if I wanted someone else's husband," Ines told Kyle and Jackie O on their breakfast radio show on Monday.
"I had a woman ask me if I was interested in their husband and then I had a guy tell me if I was interested in being his new wife."
Could it have been Nic?
WATCH: Ines and Sam take their affair to the next level on Married At First Sight. Post continues...
Ines also made a confession about that shock scene when she and Sam Ball took their affair to the next level.
When Jackie asked if the moment when Sam threw her on the bed in her underwear was natural or choreographed, Ines' response left both presenters in shock.
"I'm a hoe, so I was down for that. I was keen to do a full on porno. I was like, 'Let's get this party started'. I was keen to do doggy style."
Kyle then proceeded to ask if she really would have let the production team film them in action to which Ines replied, "Yeah, I was like, 'We're on reality TV, let's just make it as real as possible.'"

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