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Married at First Sight: Herpes outbreak out on set


By NW team
NW can confirm that one of the season's cast mates has contracted a type of herpes and there's a scare that it has travelled throughout the set.
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"Participants were freaking out when they heard the news," says a source.
"It was pretty gross."
And that's not the only scandal to rock the MAFS set in 2019 as secret recordings threatened to derail relationships.
"One of the brides found out that someone had been sneakily recording her private phone call while she was in her room," a show insider revealed.
"No-one quite knows what happened, but she flipped out and threatened to call the cops immediately."
"Producers quickly stepped in and had the culprit erase everything. But once the gossip had spread across the set, everyone started panicking about what they could have already said, with some even looking for hidden wires under their beds!"
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There's drama on the MAFS set! (Image: Getty)
The details around the phone call were kept under wraps, but NW understands the recording was intended to be played at a later date.
"Whatever was said must have been so bad that it was made sure it could never get out there," the source adds.
"And the worst thing is no-one knows if any more recordings exist and if they will leak."
We'll be keeping a close eye on both of these dramas!

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