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MAFS' Heidi's BIG news: "I'll be a single mum!"

After a disastrous marriage, Heidi’s ready for the next challenge...

By NW team
Heidi Latcham's marriage to Mike Gunner will no doubt go down as one of the more volatile in MAFS history.
The couple came close to calling it quits several times, before ultimately deciding to commit to each other at the final vows ceremony. Talk about a roller coaster!
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However, it was recently confirmed that the pair split for good within days of Heidi moving to the Gold Coast to live with Mike in December.
"She was devastated [by] the break-up... she couldn't believe it," tells an insider.
But now that the dust has settled, Heidi is ready to put her marriage in the rear-view mirror and start focusing on her future – and that includes becoming a mother.
Heidi is ready to put her marriage in the rear-view mirror and start focusing on her future. (Source: Channel 9)
The radio host, 38, told Mike, 44, during their homestay visits that she could see herself having "a child".
She also shares with NW that, "I wanted to start a family [with Mike] definitely. I also talked about having kids with a few of my ex-boyfriends... We would say, 'Oh, you know I want this many kids'... but it never happened."
While she'd have loved to have experienced motherhood with a partner by her side, NW hears that Heidi could now be considering other avenues, if she doesn't end up finding her baby daddy.
"She really did think he'd be Mike. But at the end of the day, Heidi just wants to be a mum and if she has to go it alone as a single parent then so be it," the insider tells.
"Heidi will make a fantastic mum. Any child would be lucky to have her as a parent. She'd be so fun."
Heidi and Mike at their final vows. (Source: Channel 9)
Heidi is no stranger to creating a family by herself.
After leaving home at 16, she had a difficult time getting into foster care and was eventually given government housing, where she lived alone in a one-bedroom flat. And while the traumatic experience left her feeling alone and abandoned, Heidi eventually created her chosen family within her closest friends.
"It made me become really independent, very quickly! I kind of feel that it takes me a long time to rely on people, [because] I know I can always rely on myself," she previously shared with Woman's Day.
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While babies are definitely on the brain for Heidi, right now, she just wants to get back to normal life. Unlike her fellow participants, she's rarely been seen in public, nor has she done any press since January 31.
"She's been laying low since the start of the year," tells another source.
"Heidi's really focused on her work and finding her feet again after the show ended."

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