Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: An un-aired walk-off on the MAFS set sends Hayley reeling

The fiery bride tells all about her explosive fight with another groom and why she stepped away.

By OK! team
Over the years, Married at First Sight has dished up some shocking dinner party fights.
But the bust up between feisty bride Hayley Vernon and tough-talking groom Ivan Sarakula resulted not only in the C-bomb being dropped – more than once – but OK! hears it lead to a walk-off on set.
"Off camera, things got very heated," a source says.
"We didn't see all of their fight on camera – at all."
Hayley, who was matched with David saw red at a dinner party. (Instagram)
After the event, Hayley explains why she saw red.
"I won't stand for being disrespected," she blasts.
The statuesque brunette, 32, fired up when Ivan, 30, began questioning the drama she's already brought to the show with her groom David Cannon, 31.
"I have zero time for people who are judgemental because I'm not a judgemental person," she tells OK!.
"I'm like, 'If you can't respect me for who I am then you know what? Here is the door. Goodbye.'"
The fiery brunette was having none of the drama. (Channel Nine)
She adds that she refused to be "spoken down to" by Ivan, who she says she barely knows.
"I get told to reign my personality in all the time but I won't," Hayley says adamantly.
"Especially if I think someone's talking smack about me."
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Ivan tells OK! Hayley's outburst "didn't surprise him at all", adding, "I've dealt with much bigger personalities than hers."
And despite their dinner party drama, he thinks they "get along just fine – now".
Hayley might not agree, though. Bring on round two!

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