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EXCLUSIVE: Your favourite Married at First Sight's grooms strip off

Sam, Nic, Mike and Michael bare all in a sizzling shirtless shoot!

By NW team
Is it too late to object to these Married at First Sight marriages?
You may need to pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing these pics!
Introducing Sam Ball, Mike Gunner, Michael Brunelli and Nic Jovanovic, the hunky men of season 6.
Already, Mike, Nic and Sam have made their mark - but just wait until you meet teacher Michael, you're going to LOVE him!
In an NW exclusive, these four men BARE ALL - and do you need a mop for all that drool ladies?


"I think women in general have been previously put off by my looks." (Source: NW)
Introducing the shock jock of the season, Sam Ball!
The NSW tradie dropped jaws when he arrived on the set of MAFS – not just for his chiselled good looks FYI, but for his outrageous comments about his new "wife" Elizabeth Sobinoff (ICYMI, he was shook to be paired with someone "large") and also for the fact he's only 26!
Sooo, you said you're "too good looking to find love". What's that about?
"I think women in general have been previously put off by my looks a bit, but I've just been too busy with work and my life goals to find love. I build bridges, there's concreting, sand work, rigging and it's long hours – 12 hours a day, six days a week. It's a lot of work."
Speaking of your looks, fans are convinced you've got a great plastic surgeon and you're older than 26. Thoughts?
"I've never touched my face, I've had like two facials in my whole life. I tried a mud mask, but that didn't go down too well – it ruined my face, it was hard and it burned me! People always think I'm older – I think it's my jaw. But I'll never touch my face... I don't mind looking older sometimes, because it means I don't look like a baby. People get thrown off because I'm tall and because of how mature I am. I'm only a baby!"


Nic Jovanovic
He won over the hearts of Australians everywhere with his chivalry on set, but when Nic Jovanovic revealed his struggle with testicular cancer at the young age of 24, he had the nation in tears.
Soooo Nic, looking good with your top off!
"[Laughs] I don't like taking my shirt off! I get a bit self-conscious with my scar... But as long as I'm healthy, that's the main thing. I probably go to the gym five or six times a week – pretty religiously now. It's a mental health thing, too."
You shared your testicular cancer battle with Cyrell last week, revealing the surgery prevented you from having kids naturally. How's that been to relive?
"It's not a conversation you have with everyone you meet. But if I'm going to be in a relationship with someone, that's probably something I've already touched on because I don't want to be getting involved with someone who's not supportive of me and the situation. They've got to be understanding and they've got to be on board if we're going to make the relationship work."
Well, the nation is supporting you! How did you find out you had cancer?
"Pure luck! I had a sore tummy that had nothing to do with the cancer at all. The surgeon is one of those straight shooters. He said, "I don't believe in luck, I don't believe in God, but the fact that you had a sore tummy had nothing to do with the cancer", so it was luck that I went in there and they found it. It all escalated really quick."
"I went on to do chemo every Monday for three months, and every 21 days I had to go for a week."
WATCH NEXT: Nic tells Cyrell about his cancer diagnosis

Michael Brunelli

Ummm...those eyes! (Source: NW)
Awww! Could we fall any more in love with Michael Brunelli and his man bun?
The 27-year-old primary school teacher is a total softie who wants kids, like, yesterday and he's a total pro at ball handling. Get your mind out of the gutter, ladies, we're talking AFL! The athlete is used to scoring on the field, and hopes to score IRL with his new lady.


"I would be good Dad!" (Source: NW)
He's been getting busy on screen with his wifey Heidi Latcham, and Mike Gunner, 43, won't be worried if that results in a pregnancy, as he tells NW he definitely wants children in his future.
"I would be a good dad and I'm more than ready for it," he gushes.
"I have so many ideas about how to raise a family. I realise that means working harder and staying put, but that's going to be a pleasure if it's with the right woman."
Is that Heidi, hun?
Married at First Sight continues Sunday to Thursday, 7.30pm Channel 9

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