Married At First Sight

Wait, WHAT?! Has Married At First Sight’s Gab lost 18kg since Nasser?

Stress and health issues have seen Gab’s weight plummet...

By Christine Estera
It's not just a broken heart from her failed marriage to Nasser Sultan that Gabrielle Bartlett has been nursing, her health has had its fair share of ups and downs, too. In fact, at one point it deteriorated so rapidly, the plus-size model was rushed to hospital.
"With my emotional journey on the show, along with health issues towards the end of filming that I needed treatment for, my weight just dropped," Gab, 44, tells NW after being diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome and dropping several dress sizes.
"I slimmed down a lot during and after the experiment was filming. However, I'm feeling a lot better now and letting my body do what it needs to do to stay strong and healthy – it is what it is for now!"

Melbourne-based dietitian Melanie McGrice says, "I'd estimate Gabrielle has lost at least 18kg," and has dropped from around 77kg to 59kg.
"I've been told by many doctors that timing was everything, and that things could have been very bad very quickly had we not gone when we did," Gab admits. "My health scare was a great reminder of how much more important my health is."
Now that Gab's feeling better again, she's ready to step back into the dating world.
"I am still looking for love," she says. "Having that type of love in my life has me in the place where I thrive. I want very much to do life with someone. And not just anyone – my someone. And that takes time. And I'm OK with that.
"This experience has taught me a lot about what I deserve, what I should let go of and what's worth holding onto and fighting for."
Go get 'em, girl!

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